Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Tale of Two Hulkies


At the toy sale the other day I picked up this funky little Red Hulk figure.  It appears that he is quite photogenic.  As I also had a whinge about the retail Price for this guy normally, I brought out my Marvel Legends Hulk.  Long story cut short comes down to, boring, long night shift at work = photos snapped.

First up, the Red Hulk, hereby referred to as Rulk.  I remember seeing him on the covers of comics and thinking “What the hell is going on with the Hulk nowadays??”  A quick visit to wikipedia and all is revealed.  Which I won’t recount here, only that Rulk is not yet another version of Bruce Banner’s Hulk.

Rulk is pretty beefy when compared to the figures of the same size and line.  Yet small when compared to the Marvel Legends by Toy Biz.  Sadly Toy Biz got bought out by Hasbro I think and that was the end of them and we got these little fellas all over the place.  For us Australians, despite the incredible loss of mass, size and weight, the price managed to stay the same.


The sculpting is pretty good.  Lots of tensed muscles and man is he one angry looking fellow.  Nice hair as well, which isn't bad as I have noticed the Hulk always manages to get left with some pretty bad haircuts.



IMG_7163Nice pants as well.

You can see from the pictures that he has a lot of articulated joints.  Only problem is the muscles get on the way somewhat, his knees and thighs in particular are relatively useless due to his moulded muscles,  I guess that is a risk with a Hulk character, I guess on the larger figures it isn’t so noticeable.

Trying to get a run look out of this guy is damn hard.  Twisting the thigh around and then the knee, you might be able to bend his leg forward.  Very tricky.

The arms are inhibited a bit, but at least there is quite a few options for posing them when compared to the legs.


Luckily his standing poses look all right and the joint in his stomach is quite adaptable.  I white like this figure despite his ineffectual legs.

Next up is the Marvel Legends Hulk.  I think that this guy was designed on the original Hulk comic #1 and there were two variations, one was Grey (as Hulk intially was) and the other green (as we know him now).  The Green Hulk was the variation.  On a side note, the colour was changed in the comic because at the time, the grey was too hard to keep consistent.

I like this figure a lot.  It has a lot of nice details to show the original Hulk in comic look.  The head looks very ‘Frakenstein’s Monster’ and there are other details too.

Even his hair has a sort of blue tinge to it.


From the outset he has a Neanderthal like not intelligent look.  Interestingly, and I only really thought of this much later after getting him, his muscles aren’t as big looking as the modern Hulk.  They looks achievable by a steroids abusing muscle guy and not the obscene amount that we see on Rulk for example.    Also if I remember correctly, his height only cranks somewhere in the 6 foot mark.  Probably quite imposing for the time, but not near the 7 or 8 foot size I have seen listed for various incarnations of the Hulk in the modern comics.


I really like the muscle definition used on his chest and shoulders.  It looks like the way they would have shaded in the comic book with a touch of cross hatching used.  Brilliant!

For such a large figure, he is very articulated and none of the joints appear weak or unable to support a pose.  The weight bearing joints all have a nice click-ratchety noise to them.  Some interesting and funny poses can be made.  Naturally being the Hulk, he has big feet which helps immensely in balancing him!



He even has articulated toes.  Although all five of them are on one hinge.  I guess it’s asking a bit too much for individually articulated toes! Ha ha! As cool as that would be! XD

Balance evidence.

Banner meditate, Hulk do YOGA!

The knees have nice double joints in them, allowing you to fold them right up!  Good stuff there!

His index fingers are articulated from the rest of his fingers.  This is a nice addition.  I like articulated fingers on characters that are likely to have big hands!

Play time!


Rulk will give you a noooogie!

There’s a good little boy.

I like both these figures.  The Green one more than the red though.  I now feel compelled to find some other Marvel Legends figures.  Hmm, Mr Fixit was always a favoured Hulk of mine.  Uh-oh….

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