Thursday 28 July 2011

Botcon 2011 Stunticons Boxset. Wooooo!

I finally received my boxset of this years Botcon toys.  Impressions are good so far! 



I really like the box art this year.  Simple and effective!




A little shot of all the Stunticons.  They are as most Botcon toys are recolours of existing figures.  This year three of them have a new head.



They are nicely packed in the box and well cushioned in the foam.  Tech Specs and instructions are underneath the foam.  Each year there is a Botcon badge included.


This year, I managed to make it in quickly enough to get the 1st day ordering badge.  I am pretty happy with that as I usually manage to miss out on that one!



I quite like this, as it is the Stunticon Decepticon symbol.  In a badge for me!


Good thing is the toys are pretty good as well.




Reviews and shots in progress.

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