Saturday, 16 July 2011

Ironfist.. errr, I mean Fisitron!


To keep the ball rolling on the Botcon 2011 figures and because I suspect my box ‘o’ Stunticons will be here soon, I have done these pictures NOW.  And it helps that Fisitron is a recolour of Ironhide and Ratchet, which I have covered before.

Ok, I was going to write his Bio here but I am afraid that for a couple of reasons it falls into my “Badly written Bios'” category.  You will find it here, along with a bit of a rant.

Ok, moving on.  Fisitron is meant to be the character known as Ironfist.  He was plucked from obscurity and made a bit of a champion in the well written comic book “The Last Stand of The Wreckers.”   Which incidentally also forced the price of Overlord up quite a bit, on top of what it already was.  I suspect that the toy has been called Fisitron, as there is a Marvel comics character called Ironfist.  Luckily though, in the comic Ironfist used the pseudonym of Fisitron to write about the Wreckers’ adventures so it is completely justified, which is a relief as Fisitron sounds preeeeetty sucky.

The bagged Botcon toys are actually MISB than the box set, which are never actually MISB, but just MIB really.

So as I said before, Fisitron is a recolour of Ironhide, complete with locking knee tabs.  he sports a different head to Ironhide, in that it’s the same one as the Auto troopers Triple Set that also came out this year.  Cleverly though, with a few extra paint applications, we have a new look.



He does have a somewhat Generation 2-ish colour scheme on him, which keeps in the theme of using the G2 colours for Botcon Sideswipe as well.

The colours work well though, with the arms matching the legs and the backs of his hands are different colours to his fingers, which is a look I really like for some reason. 

Fisitron has a couple of Autobot symbols on him.  His sides and a central one on his chest.  They are not Elite guard symbols either.  As usual, his shock gauntlets can be plugged onto his back for safe-keeping.  Or plugged into his hand for some Decepticon-whipping!


Oh yeh, I forgot about his face.  It is just the Auto trooper, but the extra paint does a really good job.



Pretty cleverly done really.  The eyes are painted on as are the mouth guard vents.

The rest is pretty standard for this mould, but with better than usual paintwork for a Botcon figure.


“This is where I store all my GUNS!!”

The vehicle mode of the four track truck thing that the others are as well.  It suits the character well, as he was a heavy armoured gun-toting 4WD off road type vehicle normally.  Oddly, with an Australian accent, or what is one on paper anyway. He must be mates with Outback.


I do like the ruby red paint they have put on the lights and shoulder covers.

His stomach symbol is slightly showing under the tech-window (it has little circuit details in it).


Still fairly standard vehicle mode for this mould.  nothing much to get excited about, just how the colours manage to work together.  The gauntlets clip on nice and strongly to the back of the vehicle too.

Interestingly, Fisitron has a number under his vehicle mode.  And my one is only 1 number off of what the Auto Troopers’ was….

Still no paint on the under treads.

So, again, I like this mould.  It is solid and has goo balance and articulation.  The colouring on this guy is pretty good and gaudy, but kind of fits with the cheesy nature of the character and his possible insanity. It’s nice to get him even though he ended up costing only slightly less than all three Auto Troopers.  If you are a completest, you will need this guy (and Minerva) to finish your Animated selection.  If you are a fan of Animated and happen to have the cash spare, I believe it to be a good purchase.  Heck, even if you have to scrounge for a bit to get one, I think it is a good mould with impressive  paint work to make a new character, even without having read the comic that made him famous and i worth hunting down.

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