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Masters of the Universe Classics Sy-klone

I have come to the conclusion that I quite like these MOTUC figures.  After my experience with Scareglow, I jumped onto the web and ordered Sy-Klone and Moss Man.  Why?  Well when I was a young-un, I had Sy-Klone as one of the few Masters of the Universe figures that I owned.  The other one was Stinkor (Come on Mattel, give us a Stinkor!!).  I really liked both of them and seeing how this Classic version of Sy-Klone looked, I thought I would try and reclaim some of that youth.

What I loved about Sy-Klone was the gimmicks I think.  The original had a little gear on his waist that you would spin with your thumb and it would spin his torso around, his arms would swing up and bam!  You’ve got yourself a cyclone.  Plus he had a cool lenticular sticker on his chest that was a radar.  I remember him talking about it in the comic that came with him.  I always wondered how he could see the radar while 1. Spinning around like that and 2. Because it was on his chest, he wouldn’t be able to see it…  I assume he could see it in his mind or something.

MOTUC Sy-Klone has the EXACT same sticker/radar in his chest!  It’s absolutely brilliant!  It also carries the feeling very very very well.  I am much impressed.  Onward with some pictures and explanations as we gooooo!

Outer box.  Simple and it appears that all the MOTUC figures come in one of these.  The back only has a little bit of legal stuff on it.


Standard MOTUC box as well.  Mine had some extra paint.


Sy-Klone is s awesome, he gets extra Lightning on his box!!  And the Bio.

The chest radar is the same, moving it left and right changes the placement of the scanner bit.  I love these flickery stickers!


He is a quite extensive re-tool of the normal MOTUC body it seems, the backpack and chest are new and are moulded on.  The legs have been modified for the red rings on his ankles and his arms have had the blue fins attached, as well as red rings.  Man, the colours just scream 1980’s don’t they?  It’s odd how they are such strong colours and yet they don’t look gaudy.  Cheesy?  Yes, but Gaudy, no.

The fins are attached to his bicep and not attached anywhere else, this still allows for full range of movement from his arms.  Nice!

Under the backpack is a crevice for his red ring thing.

I love that they have tooled the belt, but they have also added the dial thing for spinning him, although the MOTUC version doesn’t spin.


You can still see the various muscles and a belly button (!).  The waist movement is still all there.  All the articulation of a normal MOTUC is there, except for his ankles, which are inhibited by his shoes.


One thing that the original Sy-klone had that was different, was he didn’t have a furry loin cloth/pants like the others.  He had plastic lined pants.  Here they have cleverly used the same joint for the hips, and changed the loin cloth of normal MOTUCs to make it look like Sy-Klone’s pants.  It isn’t joined to the back or front of the pants, but hangs off his belt.  A rather clever way to improvise on the change of waist-wear and a good cost-saving trick.


You can see here what it looks like.  Could these be the first Shimapan on a toy?

Since we are on the waist area, his belt buckle is nicely sculpted and very cool.  Paint is a touch dodgy on mine.

He comes with a shield and a red ring weapon thing.  The red ring is from the 200X version of Sy-Klone and I have no idea how he is supposed to use it.  You tube hasn’t been able to provide me with any footage of the ring in action (nor Sy-klone for that matter) during the aforementioned cartoon.  So I have had to guess as to how it goes.  I do know that it hooks onto his back and points up though.  All the rest is just me seeing what it’s capable of.

The shield however is an excellent homage to the first one.  Admittedly the original was simple, MOTUC’s shield keeps the theme, but adds just a little bit of interest.  The clip can only go into hi wrist and his wrist must be a particular way. 

Be careful though, as mine has taken a but of the paint off.

As mysterious as the ring is, it is a pretty cool accessory with lots of options.



A spinning lariat that Mike Haggar and Zangief would be proud of!


One thing I love about this guy the most is the same thing I love about Catra.  His face sculpt!! It screams 1980’s cartoon face so loudly it hurts my eyes!!


The flow of the cheeks and lips.  Oh man that brings back memories of sitting in the lounge all Saturday morning long…  Watching the Wrestling cartoon, Transformers, M.A.S.K, oh such good times…

Even the back of the head is a good sculpt of the original Sy-Klones helmet.

More 80’s face shots.  So sexy, in a heterosexual way of course…


Meh, heterosexual or not, I just love that face sculpt.  My only complaint is the way it goes with the neck.  I am not entirely sure what is wrong, but for some reason it just doesn’t look right to me.

I think it has something to do with the chin and the neck.  like the chin is too far into the neck perhaps?

Not too sure really.

To finish off, I think this figure is a great update to the original Sy-Klone.  It keeps the same colours and accessories, although it loses the gimmick, but makes up for that with better articulation.  The all important radar is still there and looks just like it should and the colours are the same too.  To be honest, I never though Sy-Klone was that popular enough character to get the MOTUC treatment (but then I had never heard of Scareglow either…) and I am glad he did.

Now I am just patiently waiting for Stinkor.  Come on, he uses Merman’s head, and Mech–a-Neck’s armour…  most of it is done already…. Gimme gimme gimme!


Drossel can’t quite believe her eyes…  Meanwhile Sy-Klone is questioning the decisions that led to this moment…

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