Sunday, 17 July 2011

Fluff ball of Fun?!??? GRIZZLOR!

Oh, how the plastic crack addiction weaves it’s magic.  Here I am grabbing more Masters of the Universe figures and a weird one at that!  This guy is from the She-Ra, Princess of Power line, but the toy was in the Masters Of the Universe line (as most of the bad guys were).  I saw a review of this guy and thought he looks like a bit of a cool and interesting figure.

Grizzlor is an interesting figure.  As a Masters’ toy, he has a crazy gimmick.  HAIR! and lots of it!  He comes in a white box as most of the Masters Classic toys do.

Nothing too exciting about that really.

In the box is the Masters Classic blister carded figure.  I kind of felt tempted by the way he is boxed you know.  More on that in a second.  On the back is a bio for the character.  Grizzlor was brainwashed by Hordak and seems to live for a looooong time, since he was kidnapped at the tender age of 428!   I laugh that his little character description thing (eg Man-At-Arms is “Heroic Master of Weapons,” He-Man is “Most Powerful man in the Universe”) is “The ferocious figure with fur!

Scary isn’t it?

“Collect them all”  Ha ha ha!  I never thought I would follow that, but dammit! I aaaaaammmmm!

Well, not quite.  Neve let the truth get in the way of a good story though!

The reason I kind of like the way he is boxed is noticeable from the side.  The way the backing plastic is around his head makes me laugh.


Here we have this incredibly savage creature and his hair looks like he shampooed it and went to bed before it was dry!

Or there was a strong wind blowing from behind!  Ha ha ha! Just looking at it makes me chuckle!

This particular box has really well painted lighting marks on it!  You can see the weapons once the backing card is off.  I didn’t notice the crossbow in there when looking at the closed box.


Out of the box we get this.

Oh, hang on.  That’s wind-blown Grizzlor.

There we go, a quick bit of styling and he is looking less goofy and more crazy. 

My initial feelings were pretty good.  He looks pretty bulky with the fur suit covering his body and the armour is pretty cool looking.  It can be unclipped from him as well if you should so desire.  His details are good.  I was impressed with the little Horde Arm band.

Other details are good as well.  Although his arms aren’t hairy, they have been sculpted to look flowey and hairy and he only has three fingers as well as a paw on the hands too.  Even his little wristlets are kind of chain looking.  Much like Blanka from Street Fighter in this respect.

The fur is like a coat over his whole body.  It doesn’t effect his arm or leg movement at all.  The waist still twists, but the combination of the fur coat and the chest armour do inhibit the joint at the base of his ribs.  However there is still a good bit of movement to it.   Enough to not really bother that much.  Especially as that joint is a bit of an odd one and I don’t really use it that much.  It’s still nice it’s there though.


His legs have the same flowing fur look to them and nice Horde booties.


Grizzlor’s face is pretty well sculpted keeping it in line with the vintage figure and the little picture on the back of the box.  It looks savage with red eyes, yellow irises, a scowl and fangs.  the fangs kind of look a tad off to me.  they seem to stick in front of his mouth for some reason to my eyes.  The hair is designed so as to not cover the face.  It works well.


The armour is removable.  While I like this option, without the armour, he looks.  Well naked and like a ball of fluff with arms and legs. 


Putting the armour back on is a bit tricky as his hair will get in the way but with some perseverance it can be done.  On the back of the armour you can see some clips.  Wonder what they could be for?


There is another piece of clothing he comes with as well! Phew! I am glad about that as all the other Masters figures have pants or loin cloths, whereas Grizzlor is kind of, well, free balling it really.  Commando.  No pants my friend.  I guess this makes him a little more savage and crazy.

So, he comes with a groin cover. Hachaa!

This is inspired by the 200X version of Grizzlor.  I am glad it was included as I thought he was a bit plain with just the chest armour.

IMG_7206He also comes with a mighty slew of weaponry!

A katana, a throwing axe, a machete and a crossbow!  Nasty!

The detail on the weapons is pretty good.  They have excellent silver paint applications on them and the sculpting is simple but effective.  The blade are plain with some simple gripped handles. 


The crossbow in particular is well detailed.  It is an update of his original accessory which was a little crossbow.  It doesn't fire but has a little dragon motif to it and an arrow sticking out of the mouth of the dragon.  It’s also pretty cool as the crossbow hilt can be pushed into the bend of his elbow, juts like one would wield a crossbow (if one could do it with one hand).


He only has two hand though, so what does he do with all this weaponry?  Ha ha ha! Well that’s one of the things that really impressed me about this guy.

They can ALL be mounted on his back!  It makes him look incredibly tough.  Just to see all those weapons slapped on his back.

Weapons? Check!

Crazy hair?  Check!

Lack of pants? Check and Check!


I did find after the first time, a tiny tiny stress mark that developed in one of the hilt clips.

It’s really light, but it can be seen in the area near the strap.

Now for a bit of play time.  I was going to have a muscle compare (since he is in the Master of the Universe line) with the Red Hulk.  Buuut, I can’t as the fur is glued to the body.  Oh well, muscle comparison will have to wait.

Obviously Grizzlor is taller.  That’s why the Hulk is angry!  ME NOT SHORTY!

“Well this works for He-Man, so here goes nothing”


Ba ba ba ba baaa, ba ba ba ba baa baaaaaa!

*Chirp, chirp, chirp*


“Whao! Not what I expected. BY THE POWER OF GREY SKULL!”



“Crap.  I give up!”

So, in case you haven’t noticed, I really like this figure.  I must admit that I thought it would just be a slight novelty in having a figure with soooo much fluff but I will say that the weapons rack on his armour, crazy hair, beastly face and lack of pants have made me really like this guy.  He just oozes crazy, psychotic maniac to me.  Much more so than Beast Man could ever hope.   Out of the few MOTUC figures I have, I think I like this guy right behind Scareglow!  Which is certainly interesting as I bought him with the Faceless One whom I thought would be the one that would the most cool.  I love it when a figure surprises me this much!

One final thing I should add is that throughout my little photography section small hairs were coming off, but nothing major and I think that perhaps over time, the hair mugh all come off, but it isn’t coming off at a worrying rate.  Since I have been typing this out, I have been fiddling with it to get a feel and there isn’t much more coming off since I took him out.

The only downside is that I now am probably going to expect a lot more from my MOTUC figures from now on.


  1. This guy looks so badass! I wish I had the cash to lay down on all the MoTU villains. I miss all the characters.

  2. Ha ha ha! yeh. So far in the cartoon (as I have been forcing my way through Princess of Power...) he has been portayed as a complete pansy. Where's the crazy I ask you???


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