Friday 29 July 2011

SDCC and Wonderfest makes an interesting weekend!

The San Diego comi-con and Wonderfest both happened to be on the same weekend this year.  Both have some very interesting toy goodies to show off and have me very excited for the rest of the year.


My Wallet however is very fearful.


Wonderfest in Japan had an awesome slew of figma that have been previously unannounced.  Comi-con had some excellent news in regards to Transformers: Prime toys and Masters Of the Universe as well.


First up, the figma I am most interested in!


BRS ‘B’, some Nun, who I can’t remember her name, but I like the dress, BRS ‘Game’ version (older I think), the New Drossel with her Bike, GUTS!!! From the awesome manga Berserk!  Holy crackajaks!  There is also a BRS trike bike, but I forgot to steal that photo.





More other figmas here

I really dig the BRS B’s sword, looks like a battery.



Ooooo Baby!!


Oh and from the same company that brings us figma, comes this brilliant little Nendoroid Sonic the Hedgehog. OH HELL YES!




The San Diego comicon didn’t disappoint either!!


Then for Transformers Prime goodies, looks no further than here.  No real toys, just some shots of Prototypes, but hot damn those Prime toys are looking fine!  It’s like the Animated all over again (in the toys looking like the show).


There is also a review of the Deluxe Starscream on youtube

Peaugh’s review. Hmmm, me likey a lot!


All that Primey goodness.  Glad to see, as I have been saddened by all the movie uglys that have been flooding the shelves  with the movie.


Sadly though, the  Masters Of the Universe and Mattel decided that I am not allowed to rest either.  No stolen pics as I am feeling lazy now, but a link of gold!


Look here and you will see.  Mmmm, more Scareglow sexiness!  Apparently those were there to test the waters for popularity.  Hopefully everyone gave them a ‘Yay’ coz I want a bunch of those Scareglows at the very least.  I would assume they would make Moss man smell, so If I bought a carton, he could replace my toilet air freshener Open-mouthed smile


Personally I have a bit of interest in the larger figs as well.


Battle ground Evil Lyn, Demo-Man (Skeletor’s boss), Sorceress (I like the wings they made for her),  Swiftwind, Fearless Photog ( ! ), Maybe even a Kobra-Khan.


Rather annoyingly, Shadow Weaver (from She-Ra) is looking incredibly awesome and is the special Subscription only figure.  I hate that, as the subscription is pretty crap for all but the most hard core fans in America due to an inability to combine shipping, but even crapper for non-US fans for that same reason.  It includes 1 figure every month (can’t be combined with the general release from the shop for that month) and you can’t skip a figure so if you already have it, guess what? You now have two.  So I guess I will be onto Ebay for that one.


More general Mattel stuff, MOTUC and more here


So much goodness.

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