Saturday 2 July 2011

The Robots, An old comic I found.

The Robots pg1

Do you remember these guys?  I sort of do…  While searching around and have a bit of a reorganise, I found this old comic that I got with one of these toys.  The toys were robots of different types, and they all had a ‘suction’ cup on the bottom, but it was very large.  Pressing a button on their back would make them smack their fists together.



The good guys leader was called Maxx Steele and the bad guy was Hun-Dred.  Oooooh, puns a plenty for the names.  I had Vulgar.  Not anymore it seems.


I don’t think that there was any cartoon for this series, I feel that these toys must have been a bit of a flop.  They had a cool base available though.


Here, I have scanned the book, and left it on order, complete with the character list in the middle.

So, enjoy The Robots: Assault on the Fortress of Steele.


The Robots pg1


The Robots pg2-3


The Robots pg3-4


The Robots pg5-6


The Robots pg6-7


The Robots pg7-8


The Robots pg9

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