Saturday 20 February 2016

Transformer’s future–> Looking good!

Last weekend  was rather exciting for me. 

Toyfair has hit and hasbro had a pretty good display to show off what they had planned after Combiner Wars finsihed (or, as TF lines in Australia do, fizzle out, leaving me to scrounge for the last figure or so).  I was wondering what they had planned for the next line.  Oddly, I have managed to avoid getting a complete Combiner  team yet.  None of them have quite tickled my fancy enough for forking out the money for a complete set yet.  Bruticus will probably change my mind, but until then….

I think the movie styling has lost its shine and CW is kind of running its course, with HB saying they had no plans for monster combiner teams (I want Abominus dammit!!).  Then came along the trickle of info.  It started with a few shots of this and that and it looked pretty good.   Lots of Headmasters were mentioned.

Oh shit.

I love Headmasters. I’ve come to the conclusion that Fortess Maximus is one of my favourite characters and he is closely followed by Snapdragon, who is also a great toy!  As a kid I had (and still have) Mindwipe, who is great and my first Headmaster, as are the others I have slowly gathered up.

Its the one gimmick in Transformers that I just LOVE.  Titan Wars is for all intents and purposes Headmasters Generation 2!!

I have a few pics, stolen from various places on the web.  But the one I want to bring the most attention to is this one:
Look at all those toys on that there table.

Take a close look at that photo.  See all thos elittle guys standing around.  They say to me one word that is super fun, but really Transformers has kind of lacked in the past few years.


They can all be set up around and interact with each other.  Even the new small sized Wheelie can sit a ‘Titan Master’ inside his little car.  Check out his Chromedome picture and see that Chromedome has a TM mounted on the gun on the side of the car.


For some reason, that excited me so much. I get a rather cool Micromasters feel to that.  Not that I had many of them, but hey, you did have the ability to connect all the bases together.

There are of course base guys.  Blaster and Soundwave both form a small base as well as a robot.  OH, there’s also a fair bit of mould re-use as well.

Of course there’s the previously mentioned Fortress Maximus and Apex Armour Optimus, who both have base modes and the larger characters (Optimus, Blaster, SW) can all link up with Fort Max in base mode.

The Red Ramp behind Blurr there is Coming off Max’s arm and connecting to Blaster in base mode.  On top of that, the yellow guys are  ‘cassette’ bots for Blaster and Soundwave that transform into little vehicles for the TM.


Plus, new Mindwipe!

 Hopefully the bat mode looks a bit better in person.

So, I am rather excited, beyond the likes of which I have felt before and that is even BEFORE I’ve had the joy of having a really close look at the new Fortess Maximus.  He’s a heavily modded Generations Metroplex, a good thing in my books, complete with lights and sounds.  I strongly suggest checking out some galleries and videos.

And so with that, I am going to drop some links and go off and avoid drooling over the keyboard.

Snakas Blog, a good blog, but in Japanese.
Fortress Maximus Gallery at TFW
General Titan Wars images at Seibertron
And a nice Buttload of pics at BWTF
Finally a nice post, with a bunch of links for more perusing.  Many of the links I lined to came from here

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