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Abominus & The Terrorcons, Generations Select Manga Translation


Whee, I love the Terrorcons and I really enjoyed working on this comic.  It represents them pretty well as a monstrous force of devastation!  So that was cool and I'm excited to find the next part of the comic.  As for the toys, well..... Being just cartoon coloured with a new chest shield and a gun, I find them a little underwhelming.  I mean the weren't in the G1 cartoon all that much and Headmasters was so tedious the very thought of watching it again gives me PTSD.  

Anyway, enough rambling, read on and enjoy.  As usual for the Selects comics, read them L-R and check out my notes and ramblings after the comic! Enjoy!

Continued here

Ramblings and Notes

Page 1
  • For the sake of consistency I referred to the Terrorcons as Terrotrrons.  Japanese naming and all.
  • It starts off pretty well with Hun-gurrr actually going about eating folks and Rippersnapper (YAY) being capable enough to take on Computron.  
  • The toys ere deluxe size, but this cartoon makes them bigger.  I like that as it increases the danger of the Terrorcons, I mean they have to be pretty bad, they have TERROR in their name!
Page two
  • Nice introduction for Hun-Gurr made better my proof reader's suggestion for  I Hun-gurr.  This manger doesn't show the Terrortrons speaing like the Dinobots, but they do have their quirks, Hun-gurrr drags the last word with a growl, Blot comes across as a bit stupid.  Sinnertwin has two talking heads at different times, Cutthroat talks only slightly birdy.
  • Hun-Gurrr is actually fairly intelligent, it's just that he's always eating (and probably not a nice guy), so I assume he'd speak reasonably well.
  • Nice intro to their monstrosity.
Page 3
  • Spike, Spike, Spike.  Dumbarse.
  • I believe the Soundbarrier in the cage is the one we see serving tea to Convoy and Spike as they chat.  He has a little admiring love heart floating off his head. Cute (Dinobots Vol 1, page 3)
  • The last bit was a difficult one, obviously the Quintessons see humans as being very, very similar in their actions.  It's obvious Spike was upset by Soundbarrier's rather painful looking change and still thinks Spike's human nature (of arsehole-dom) will pull through.  Creepy.
  • Page 4
  • Inferno and Red Alert, always cuddling.
  • I really liked that Shark monster Rippersnapper (my boy!) is in charge of an army of Sharkticons.
  • The Angolmoa ball is a new one.  And annoying. Up until now the Japanese has exclusively used Angolmois Energy.  From now on it uses Angolmoa and Anolmois energy all over the place. Personally, I think Agolmois/moa is stupid spelling and stupid name in the first place.
  • Doublecrosser's name. Oh man.  The last bit with Inferno getting much, initially looked liked he was angrily calling them Double crossers. lol. Not the case, he is concerned about them.
  • Inferno should be more worried about himself.  Are we seeing the canon reason why Combiner wars Inferno gets a new (as yet unseen, but we know its coming) Earthrise mode?
Page 5
  • Cutthroat has a bunch of babies he calls little juniors.  So I made them fledgling juniors because it sounds cute.  
  • Cutthroat is also the only Terrorcon who doesn't introduce himself.
  • I also learnt (thanks again to Ark-Ivor my Proof reader) that baby Pteranodons are called "flaplings."  On an unrelated note, baby echidnas are called "puggles." I love echdinas!
  • Cutthroat also says he stole the enigma of combiantion. But that's the Terrotron's enigma.  I'm kind of curious to see where it came from.  They would have had to steal it during the G1 cartoon sometime you know... 
  • Totally going against my naming convention for the Japanese names I used Blot. His Japanese name is Butto (like Booto with a really  short "oo").
  • His yelling of Blot Blast in the Japanese is a pun on ぶっ飛ばす。 (Bu Tobasu - to blow away Butto being his name , tobasu means to fly). He is essentially yelling "Gonna blow you away! So I made it blot blast.
  • He splurts on the girls.  Is there something in that, or is it just me?
  • I think, we see the reason for Elita-1 downgrading from combining Jet lady to red Arcee look-a-like with her armour melting.
  • Nice to see the reference to Blot's hygiene and that corrosive gas that is taking many bots out is his as well. Robo-farts that are corrosive?  Whether or not its farts (gonna assume it isn't) it measn that Blot is one tough bot to fight!
  • Also we can see Magnus' armour being eaten by the corrosion (Earthrise mode coming!), as well as Rotorstorm and Springer reaching out for Arcee. Awww.
Page 6
  • Sinnertwin taking on Cerberus type role, but only with two heads making him Cerberus' less well known brother.  I was contemplating using Hades instead of Hell, but Japanese has different kanji for them and the comic uses Hell. So Hell it is.
  • Looking at the forces of the Quintessons and the comics placement of Overcharge in there to reinforce the Quintesson's meddling and penchant for making weapons. Like Ironman!
  • Also, Hun-Grrr's Hellspark base making mode! Mine's in Abominus at the moment, I need to see if the  toy can do it, and if it actually looks any good!
Page 7
  • THAT panel.  Great!  Who would think a writer would have the balls to kill Spike?  Is this truly the end?
  • Panel's 8 and 9 were a pain to translate.  In Japanese the Quintesson starts yammering on about how the evils hearts of Quintessons corrupted the Angolmois energy and that messed up the Mother Computer.  However I don't believe the Quintessons think of themselves as evil or bad as such.  They have their vision of "Justice" that they'd believe in and seem to be fairly emotionless about things.  All things are assets and so they see themselves as owners/merchants and other life forms as money.  So I had to adapt it to make sense.  A direct translation of the Japanese ends up being gobbledygook that is extremely out of character and makes no sense.
Page 8
  • This hole page is about Megatron showing he is a great dude!  
  • Also, cool cloak flap  disposal!
Page 9
  • Convoy has gotten soft, seeing all the guilt he feels about Selectors and now realising that Megs wants him to kill him when he is super charged.  Dang.
  • Terror Breaster.  oh my.
  • Also looking at the second last panel you can see Megatron turning into Super\ultra/hyper Megatron.
Page 10
  • I love the art on this page. Abominus looks BOSS.
  • Gets a solid kick in the face as well.
  • You know, for a vicious destruction machine, Abominus seems to have a rather reasonable looking face.  You'd think it'd be monstrous.  Or are they saying humans are the real monsters???
Page 11
  • OUCH!
  • OK, We don't know HOW much energy the Terrorcons are in possession of.
  • Hun-gurrr is also full of spark energy as well as angomois energy, so it is entirely possible he is stronger than Megatron Omega.  
  • Also look at how tall he is, like Metroplex sized or something!
  • Interesting to note that in the Seacon's comics, Megatron Omega got a new voice and definitely different personality.  THIS Megatron Omega seems to retain a fair bit of fair Megatron in him.
  • Convoy has his work cut out for him, and I do like that the Angolmois energy eruptions turned Rodimus into Bad Rodimus.  Wonder if that happens to all the Transformers who get whacked?

Still haven't heard anything more from the Vok and their attempt to reset their experiment.  But this is just a flashback story at the moment.

As usual, a big thanks to my proof reader, Ark-Ivor for helping out and giving me someone to talk to about some of the bits as we discuss which way to go. Guy's a champ, buy him a beer (but he doesn't drink)


  1. "He splurts on the girls. Is there something in that, or is it just me?"
    we have already seen the Kiss Players... I'm just saying, it's a very short jump

  2. Another chapter is out!

    ...I dunno what's going on anymore.


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