Wednesday 4 November 2020

Abominus & the Terrorcons Manga translation PART 2!

Abominus and the Terrorcons Vol 2.  This was a fun read and I enjoyed it a lot.  I hope you do too!  My usual random thoughts, ramblings and theories to confuse are underneath. If you feel so inclined.
Oh read them left to right.


Random thoughts and ramblings:

Page 1

  • Considering how Spike just got a hole blasted in his guts, he is managing to hold on pretty well!
  • I like that Rung is there in the underground.  Shows some nice coompassion.
  • The panel with Rodimus and co., has Scrapface there, is he unofficial Shattered Glass Reflector now? (yes!!) Also, Shatty Glass Ratchet WILL BE MINE (c'mon Taktom!)<- not in the comic though.

Page 2

  • Was there a point to the intelligence transfer in the first place?  Nice leadership from Computron.
  • And arse kickery from Abominus!
  • Comperian here is what I enjoy the most about these comics, the story is like a kid playing with toys!  I knew few people with whole sets of combiners, so we slapped anyone together.  I didn't have an leaders of the teams until I was into my twenties when I bought a Menasor off one of my friends (I was saddened by how short the combined mode was!).  I used to use Optimus' trailer and matchbox cars as feet/hands to make my Menasor!

Page 3

  • I like that the Autobots willingly make Comperian, but Abominus forcibly takes the limbs of Menasor and Bruticus, leaving Onslaught and Motormaster unconscious.  Makes me wonder if the Swindle, Blastoff and Deadend are conscious.
  • Corny lines aplenty in the last two panels.

Page 4

  • Clever use of the Autobot X idea here. Shame most of those modulator/weaponiser guys are TTmall exclusives.
  • An Energon enema is actually a thing, according to TFwiki and the Earthwars mobile game.  Which makes me think, maybe some things should be rejected, after all, Earthwars think that Terrorcons speak like this:

Image thanks to Ravagecat (

Page 5

  • Panel 3 has a recolour of the Stealth Megatron, who iirc was from Takara's United line?
  • Optimus shot again. Crikey.  Also cool to see Omegatron going balls out blasty blast.

Page 6

  • Nicely subtle use of "Alternate Universe" War For Cybertron Optimus there.
  • Abominus getting his own ideas.  He seems a fairly articulate chap. Contary to the Hasbro bios he was given back in G1.  I guess the Quintessons neglected to make the Terrorcons obedient like the Predacons (Animatrons, Volcanicus #1)
  • Spike agreeing with Megatron (lack of the OMEGA there too) that they might have to leave the Earth. Sad.

Page 7

  • Optimus remembering his time as Star Convoy (from the Seacons/Star Convoy comics + Volcanicus).  = much timey wimey.
  • In the Japanese Megatron doesn't refer to Abominus as a knockoff per se.  He does hold Abominus in contempt and has an extremely low opinion of him, as he was made by the Quintessons.
  • Also, flipping in and out from use of Angolmoa and Agolmois, sometimes with energy, sometimes without.

Page 8

  • On the last Panel, I dig Abominus' angry eyebrows in his visor! Cute.
  • Also Grim and Terrorcons friends now.

Page 9

  • Abominus "Kills" Omegatron for the second time.  Dang boy.
  • Also, it would seem once again that Volcanicus is just a name denomination for Grimlock there since Optimus calls him Volcanicus in one panel and commands Grimlock in the next.
  • Beast Machines quote. Nice!
  • Additionally, Abominus wants to learn more about Agolomois energy, but, I wouldn't trust his motivation.  Personally I think he's in it for better control.  His Unicron revival story isn't finished yet, I can SMELL IT.

Page 10

  • I hope Dai Atlus is a Headmaster linking the Legends world in somehow.
  • Dai Atlus looks like he's cuddling Swindler.  Swindler transforms into a DeLorean, with the dimensional jumping shenanigans of this story, will Swindler there connect to Gigawatt of BTTF fame? (I hope so).

Page 11

  • Lucky draw toys a plenty, except for that Mindwipe. Who is he?
  • Finally we find out who "He who shall not be named" actually is. Not Voldemort.  Just Primus/The Oracle.  
  • Now my theory for this being a bad Primus is back again. He's being rather forceful in his adventures for the Silver Matrix. Very un-Primus like.

What have the Vok been doing all this time?  I really hope this is all leading up to..... That selects Armada Convoy prototype showing up! 

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