Wednesday 7 October 2020

Volcanicus & the Dinobots, comic translation, part two!

Once again we're here with the Dinobots and while this was a fun one to edit for the effects, I didn't find it as mentally engaging. Mainly because there is juts a bunch of fighting going on.  Still, the end has me all excited!

Continue on with the unfortunate adventures of Grimlock and friends.

(read L-R)  Usual Ramblings at the end of the post.

Also trying different uploading options, so please bear with me.

The first half:

The Second half:

Random Blurbs

  • It's Dinobots Vs everyone in this comic.  Nice to see some Earthrise bodies being used in there. (my boy Sky lynx)
  • Cool to see that Computron's chest still flashes lights as he thinks.
  • With the naming, since I've been keeping the Japanese names from the start of selects (all the way back with Star Convoy), I decided to use the JP Name of the Technobots (Techbots) and Computron (Computicon) as I also did that with the Predacons (Animatrons) in the first part of the Dinobots comic. for consistency.  (personally I thingk Technobots and Computron sound cooler. Computicon makes him sound Decepti-CON-y
  • That naming covention kinda goes arse up though when Earthrise figures show up. Thank you Cliffjumper.  In Japan CJ's toy is name as Cliffjumper (as it's the same as Hasbro's one) yet the comic refers to him as Cliff - His G1 Japanese name.
  • I used Seibertron as the name for the planet and therefor the Sebertron alliance.  It seems  that JP wants the planet to be Cybertron, but with the Autobots being referred to as Cybertrons, it would juts be a tad annoying and confusing if I used Cybertron as the planet name.  Unless I prefixed it with "Planet" first.  Considering the size of the bubbles sometimes, I would rather not do that.  Plus in the translations I've done so far, they have all referred to Cybertron (planet) as Seibertron.
  • Uncharacteristic pain screaming from Shockwave there.
  • Nice to see the other Dinobots doing stuff while Grimlock is fighting in this one.  Swoop is pretty awesome stealing weapons from the Rainmakers, only to shoot Jet/Skyfire in the back, while riding on the back of his jetmode (hardcore!). Slag dismembering like a champ and could this be the first canonical presentation of  Snarl's solar beam attack(or him using his solar absorbing skills)?
  • I wonder if Sky lynx was the guy who took out all the other Dinobots (He probably was, or that is what he'll tell everyone).
  • Old Convoy here is easily swayed.  He starts off (first comic) happily opressing the Selectors, to being easily convinced to fight for them and crush the humans in a violent uprising and just as easily admits he was wrong to do so after a quick chat (and maybe a cup of tea) with Grimlock.  There must be more timey wimey going on here and they've summoned the spirit of Netflix Siege Optimus Prime!<- That's a joke btw.
  • When Grimlock and the Technobots unite (unite warrior y'see) they call it "Oyako Gattai." Oyaka means Parent & Child.  Most common useage in Japan is probably Oyako don.  A rice bowl with chicken (parent) and egg (child).  Morbid right?  Yes, but also delicious!  So Translating that is tricky, well easy, making it sound not shit is tricky.  IF Grimlock already had reclaimed the intelligence of the Techbots, I would have gone for "Filio Parental unification" or something involving the word filial (as in filial piety).  Interestingly googling the meaning of Filio parental leads to filio parental violence.  Anyhoo, Father/son sounds a bit derpy, becuase, well robots and sexes, so I went for the old parent child.
  • Also after re-watching Grimlock's New Brain, I had forgotten the Technobots were so close to Grimlock..
  • Spike is making some derpy decisions, could this guy be evil Spike? <-joke btw.
  • The control panel for the ultimate weapon looks like a big pair of robo-pants to me.  Are they the Wrong Trousers?
  • Grimlock combines with unconscious Dinobots at the end. Wew.
  • It makes me wonder if the ultimate weapon is the corrosion gas, or the 5 mysterious beings who jumped from the moon.  I hope they jumped, that would be awesome!
  • We didn't know it before, but those 5 mysterious fellows are most likely the Terrorcons! Woot!
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Yes, my thoughts are still going!  Predictions: 

  • Abominus vs Technobots and Volcanicus. (easy win)
  • Will Predaking return, he is a lackey to the Qunitessons like Abominus.
  • Will Abominus have some incredibly awesome new power up?  He better have because the POTP toys were a pretty decent bunch.  More Matrices perhaps?  Nope, Takaratomy have added new weapons and a shield. Bugger.  
  • I guess we'll have to wait a bit.  Hopefully a month or so, these translations and edits can be draining.  And sometimes disrupting to my social life - (i.e offers me less time sitting in cafes sipping coffee) as I feel compelled to work on these things when one's out.  On the plus side, TV has been incredibly bad lately, and I'm running out of shows to watch.  - Just finished season 1 of Stranger Things though, I like that one!


  1. Aaand there's now a Terrorcon comic.

    1. Ha ha ha, Yup. Luckily there's a typhoon on the way, so it means hunkering down at home over the weekend. No rest for the wicked.
      Also give me time to think, do I buy Abominus or not?


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