Wednesday 10 June 2020

God Neptune Comic Translation Part 2

Part Two of God Neptune’s manga/comic lovingly translated into English for the dozens that are interested.

In this exciting episode:
GariGari Kun Convoy gets munched on again.  Does Purple Convoy have decay in his teeth?
Is this the new popcorn meme?

  • More Upgrades!
  • Betrayal!
  • Redemption!
  • Slicing
  • Robot squishy brains that make Dai Atlus’ efforts looks plain.

Read on, for the comic that may well create more questions than it answers!

My Random Musings that popped into my head as I looked over these comics:

  • Interesting to see Botbots rock up on the white planet in this episode.
  • Cool also to see the different Star Powers being used, like JP Prime's (Series) Ratchet's Arms Micron being used.  The Legend Disc, being the round spring loaded Ravage from Generations (WFC era) and a Prime Master among others.
  • I am really curious to know if the Matrix Cannon (from Big Convoy) actually be mounted on God Neptune securely.
  • Lots of swords in this issue.  Matrix Sabre, Matrix Sword and Neptune Blade.  I used "blade" for God Neptune's weapon as there are so many swords with snazzy names.  Since the Neptune Blade is able to cut Omegatron up, does that make it better than the Matrix Sabre?  Or is it just because after he got blasted he lost the Star Powers and can't get the Matrix Sabre back.
  • Yellow Convoy is confirmed to be a femme-bot in page 3.  She adds a "wa" to the end of her sentence, a feminine inflection in Japanese.
  • White Konvoy has squishy brains like Predaking from zone, as does Omegatron.  Who knew?
  • Who is "That Person?" Voldemort?  She who must be obeyed? (An old reference from my proof reader which brought back fond memories, anyone remember the name of the show? ).  My Guess, is Scorponok.  It seems to have e big space ship in which they hold Lowbhammer hostage, so could make sense...  Will this link into Earthrise?
  • As Omegatron starts using the Star Powers, it should still be noted that we are unsure if he has the Purple Matrix or not.  With Purple Convoy chilling with him, it is unclear whether or not PC handed it over straight away, or whether he is keeping it for safe-keeping.  My thought is that PC is actually a decent bot and is trying to pull a fast one over Omegatron and therefore still has the Purple Matrix.
  • Omegatron super mega ultra final ultimate culminating terminal concluding finishing form. Jeebus.
  • Primus calls the "Beast warriors" In English, this was the "Call of the Primitives" episode.  My personal theory is that this Primus is not actually Primus.  He hasn't acted very godly recently;  Coercing Megatron into becoming a monster, bringing him to this pre-universe to gather a larger amount of Angolmois energy than would normally be possible.  Something smells fishy.
  • 5 Primative faces.  Who could it be? Dinobots? Terrorcons (although there are two of them with two heads in beast mode....)? Predacons?  Just the leaders of each group(Grimlock, Hungrr, Scorponok, Razorclaw, Skylynx).  But then I would say that Scorponok doesn't need to be summoned.  Would he even be classed as a Primitive?  Not likely, he'd be an arachnid surely...
Very quick caveat on the translation, where Primus/oracle calls (in Japanese) some wild warriors, common translations makes that into Beast Warriors.  However, digging about a bit, the very same JP characters are used for the Episode of "Call of the Primitives," so I went with that.  I think it makes sense, but we won't find out for sure until they show themselves.

Purple convoy can be seen munching on a GariGari grape Convoy. Gari gari is an onomatopoeia for crunch, think of when you chew an iceblock.  This raises some questions.
How does he eat when he has a mask on?
Where does he keep them?  Is his container refrigerated?
Does this make Purple Convoy a cannibal?
Is GariGarikun just a disposable unending guy, like Turtler's Seacon clones?

I'd like to thank myself for doing this and also my pal, Ark-Ivor, who is usually my proof reader,  lore-advisor and general discussion guy as we wade through the weirdness of these comics. 

Now, to sit back relax and have a nice garigarikun.

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  1. Apparently this "Duncan" is mentioned in issue 61 of the Legends comic, the Decepti-clone chapter.


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