Saturday 16 May 2020

God Neptune Manga Translation

In this exciting issue:
  • All the colours of the rainbow!
  • Hearts broken!
  • Hearts mended!
  • Some nice cameos!

Hauling arse on these ones.  I don’t know if my brain is adapting to the insanity, or they just make more sense.

The first half of the comic

GodNeptune 1-1GodNeptune 1-2GodNeptune 1-3GodNeptune 1-4

The second half, released at the same time, so why?


Some notes:
  • The leader of planet black is the only one to be called “Prime” All the rest were referred to as “Convoy”
  • Now we learn why Primus yelled ark noa a few issues ago. Or whatever that blast thing was.
  • Primus refers to calling Megatron, which Star Convoy was surprised to learn, but remember that Star COnvoy and mEgatron are most likely the warriors the covenant of Primus refers to. (in this story anyway)
  • It’d be nice if the God Neptune toy came with all those matrixes and guns and disc and stuff.
  • Once again, Halfshell refers to “Ano kata,” (that person)’s hope for a a new universe.  Who could they be????


  1. The entire tele-conversation between SG!Optimus and Shockwave is a gigantic homage to how Akane Shinjo (Whose design is based on SG!Optimus) and Alexis Kerib interacts in SSSS Gridman.

  2. i think that "black matrix" might actually be fall of cybertron ravage, or at least based on his weird disc mode

    1. You are correct. All the powerups he collects along the way have been released somewhere in the world. The sword is from Arms Micron, the gun is from Big Convoy, the green matrix is erm, an e-hobby thing and the hand is from on of the combiner guys.


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