Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Seacons Manga part 4, in English

 Lobclaw and Kraken rise from the depths!

This manga taken from the Takaratomy Mall page has Kraken (Seawing) and Lobclaw (Nautilator) showing up.  I've taken the liberty of translating it.

An easier one to do because there were no booms and whatnot.  Looks like a different artist perhaps?
Not much to say on this one, except, is Star Convoy's power really star power in this one, or something else?

For the whole story:

Star Convoy (Part 1)
Many Gulfs (Part3)
King Poseidon debut (part4)
And Lobclaw Kraken (part5, here, you're looking at it)

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  1. Great job. You really should post your translations on the big fansites and Facebook.


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