Thursday 22 July 2010

Takara Tomy Animated Elita Guard Prowl!!

Hooley dooley!  I check my email and find out about this! Animated Transformers would be my second favourite series, and although this is just a repaint, it is very nice indeed.  Kind of harks back to the original G1 Prowl's colours and quite a bit like the concept drawings for the character in the design stage.  He comes with his shuriken as well as his traffic light on a string, probably one of the oddest accessories ever!

Tets likes this a lot and would attempt to pull many strings to get one!  Unfortunately, its for the Tokyo toy show, which I went to last year, but can't go this year...  Thems the breaks hey?  Hopefully e-hobby are able to keep me one!  (Turns out that I got one!!)

Thanks e-Hobby for the pics and sexiness

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