Thursday 22 July 2010

Surprising food discovery

The Dragon's Palace in the International Food Hall on Russell St. Morley whips out some good food.  The atmosphere of the food hall is great with a strong family focus. People always seem to be there and it all came together to provide us with a nice meal.  Portion size was generous for our $9.80

After doing my usual Thursday night thing, the better half and I decided to head to find some food.  The night was a little chilly, so we decided to try a food hall that is near the Subway we were thinking of hitting instead.  I had been there before and had some katsudon from the Japanese place there.  I wasn't too impressed as the meat had been overcooked, so I was a little bit wary.  But I have had a number of people tell me how nice the food is there, so what th heck I thought, lets give it a go.

We opted for Chinese, I went for a Laksa Soup and the Better Half went for a Nasi Goreng.  Well wasn't I surprised!  The Goreng came first, and after a little wait my Laksa showed itself too.  They looked nice and tasted good!

The Laksa was a little mild for my personal taste, but BH seemed to be ok handling it, which is rare since BH isn't fond of spicy foods.  I guess they probably toned the spice down for the weak Australian palate..  Still it was pretty good and accessible to all which gets praise in my book. There was some prawns and squid as well as some sliced fish cake (I think) in there as well as noodles.  They managed to avoid the trap of filling the bowl up with bean shoots, which gets my respect.  I ended up eating all and digging around the bottom of the bowl to make sure I had everything. That's how good it was.

The Nasi Goreng looked like a HUUUUUGE pile of rice and although tasty looking we were concerned we would need to take it home.  But between us we managed to finish it off.  The egg was cooked perfectly, and like my Laksa, the prawns were cooked to the state of ' pury pury' as the Japanese like to say with just the right amount of crunch to the flesh and the rice was nicely cooked and well flavoured.

Overall, with the atmosphere of the hall and the nice meal, both of us were impressed.  Maybe next time, I will give the Japanese place another go.

Nasi Goreng  (Not the Emperor of China)
Laksa soup. Mild enough for the average joe

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