Thursday 19 July 2012

Micron Arms Gobu mini review. And Pants.

Day 1 of my Holiday in Japan.  Well, officially day 2, but since I spent most of yesterday flaked out from the actual getting here (Always unable to sleep on planes), I am going to call today day 1.

In fine form I must say as well.  First trip to the local shops for a check of my preferred game shop, which sadly has a heap of PS1 titles, but nothing in the Saturn range.  Across the road to pick up some comfy Pants.  It’s incredibly humid here and my shorts are a bit too hot for hanging around the house.  Great pants, nice and light.  And check out those colours!!

Oh yeah!
Damn they are some fine looking pants!

More interesting stuff, ie Gobu after the jump.

Gobu, or maybe Cobu is a member of the Micron Arms toys for the Japanese Transformers Prime line.  They come with regular Transformers as little helper guys that you have to assemble yourself, or a few are also available from the Gashapon machines. 

Gobu is obviously based on a cobra.  It Transforms into a weapon, although it isn’t made clear exactly what type of weapon it is.  the picture on the piece of paper made me think it is some type of axe, but if you lie it flat, it actually makes pretty cool looking rifle.

Kobu (1)Kobu (2)Kobu (3)Kobu (4)
It has a nice Decepticon insignia inside a little crystal looking thing.  Very cool!

Kobu (12)Kobu (13)
The shape is pretty good, sculpting while not exactly fantastic gets the job done nicely.  It has some holes underneath that allow him to be pegged in somewhere and a couple of pegs on the top.

Weapon mode looks a bit like this.  I currently do not have any Japanese Prime figures as of yet, so my E-hobby Cyclonus will have to do for now.

Kobu (5)Kobu (6)

Some kind of axe? Maybe a fan?  I wondered about this for a while.  It is pretty loose as the handle is the tail of the snake and on a hinged joint.  All over, mine is pretty loose and very floppy, I guess that’s to be expected for a snake…

Kobu (7)Kobu (11)Kobu (10)

Kobu (8)Kobu (9)
“Are you hot lord Galvatron? Shall I fan you?”

Hmm, I like the idea of it being a rifle, as it looks good, but the placement of the pegs makes it really hard to get into a hand and even though I have Cyclonus here holding in the next few pictures, his grasp is tenuous at best.

Kobu (14)Kobu (15)Kobu (16)Kobu (17)

I like that better and it’s more stable in that mode as well.

So far it’s about what I expected, nothing too amazing, but not horrifically awful.  If I see some more, I will try my luck again, hopefully to get that Optimus and Bumblebee version.  Plus I’d like to test it on a Prime figure as well, hopefully the hands will be a little more accepting.

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