Saturday 11 August 2012

Another Lazy day and sunsets.

26th July


Well, really that should be sunset, as there can only be one per day, unless you do some tricky flying or time travel shenanigans.  Buuuut Whatever.  The end result is I had some damn amazing sushi and spied a rather nice Japanese sunset, which ended with me running around the suburb looking for a good vantage point.  I think I found one eventually.



The sushi in question.   Ratchet appears to be trying to get into that tuna!



An abandoned fire training tower.  It’s covered in tree growth.  Turns out that it is still being used as we discovered a week later when they were performing drills on it.


And now for the sunset.




Ended up standing in someone’s driveway for the last two shots.  Hope they don’t mind.  I was surprised at how quickly the sun disappeared behind those clouds and that was it until the next day.

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