Sunday 25 June 2023

POTP Hun-Gurrr


Getting to the pointy end of my run with the Power of the Primes Terrorcons, as today we'll be taking a gander at the gluttonous Hun-Gurrr.  What a nifty name, where does it come from?  With a lsight sound of "hunger" with it being split to homage the Huns, and finishing up with a beast-like Grrr at the end.  Maybe, that is juts my speculation, but I would say that Hun-Gurrr has just as awesome name as Sinnertwin.

His G1 toy manage to do rather well on the articulation front thanks to his beast mode and looked pretty good.  This POTP, while not based off of the Silverbolt body shares quite a bit of stuff and ends up being all right.  

So, let's get into it shall we?

Yes, let's

So, he comes packaged in robot mode, of which I do not have a picture of.  Well the package anyway,  so we'll start there for no particular reason (robot mode).

He's actually a rather sleek robot which manages to look like a good update of the original toy. This is good.  The chest piece for Abominus and associated pieces (his head) are contained within Hun-Gurrr, so the backpack contains what you need.

As a leader of a team, you would expect him to be a decent size and, well, yeah, he is.  

Which is good.

The original toy had a huge gun for Hun-Gurrr and eventually Abominus to use, but this one only comes with feet for Abominus.  They are dedicated feet for the gestalt mode, not those horrible hand foot guns and work well as feet, but don't work so well when you try and use them as weapons for robot mode...

Luckily due to various factors, such as transformation and dragon necks, Hun-Gurrr's robot mode is really pose-able.

If you were so inclined. you could plug a Titan/Prime master in the holes of the feet guns for, er, I don't know to be honest... to fill the holes I guess?

I'm gonna rip through the robot mode pretty quickly, as there isn't a whole lot of different detail between robot and beast modes.

I do like the little purple spikes on the chest there, that's the underside of the beast tail and they hide in the tail for the beast mode.  When you clip it onto the place the spikes conveniently pop out.  Very cool.

He does come with the pseudo-rub signs, as well as a rather dashing head sculpt, which I find odd for a monster guy.  Rippersnapper also had the same kind of thing.

I find his face rather well defined and he is a handsome boy that's for sure.  If you have a really close gander at his eye visor thingamajig, you'll find that the paint is slightly metallic.  That is very cool and the face is just so nicely sculpted.  It's great!

Transformation is pretty basic.

Yerp, it's the old lay him down and unfold the legs and things, but you know, it's fine I guess.  There is a little bit of messy orientation getting the front beast legs out, but, eh, it's not that big of a deal.  The end result is a pretty close look to the original.

He has a decent size for a dragon monster robot and is reasonably articulated.  Well the necks, heads and back legs are.  The front legs just have a little wiggle to them as they are just solid pieces attached to a hinge.  

But his legs are of little concern as all his fun comes from the heads!!  They are brilliant with great neck movement and deliciously articulate jaws.  Also the sculpting on the dragon heads is pretty fine as well aannnnnddd he even has inner mouth sculpting.

He can chase down hapless chumps.

Looks wise he fits well too.  Most of the detail is through his foil stickers.  I do like the purple fins on the back and his neck has an extra one that is hidden in robot mode.

And down below are a couple of shots of the tails spike things and the way they work for the chest that I mentioned before.

So, while simple it is still a fun little beast mode.  He still has the foot weapons and the storage kind of works ....  if you squint a lot.

It doesn't look terrible as such, but I certainly wouldn't say it looks cool.  Once again, I just leave them off, because, well, I think you can imagine.

Here's a shot of the beast mode from below, it pretty much looks like the back of the robot mode.

So in the end, he is a pretty fun guy.  Although nothing terrible exceptional, he is pretty nifty and gets the job done as a very good update of Hun-Gurrr.  The monster mode is good fun too.  So much fun to be gained from articulated jaws and neck!  It's great.

And even though I managed to mess up by not taking a picture of him with the others, he looks pretty cool being monstrous with the rest of the Terrorcons.


So, final superfluous rating:

He gets the job done nicely!

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