Sunday 30 October 2016

LG-EX Armada Megatron Comic Translation

Again, another toy I don’t own, but a friend has and so I was able to have access to the comic for translation.  Annoyingly it wasn’t a scan, but photos, so I don’t have a clean Japanese version to show because I had to slap two photos together and forgot to save the original  But hey, doesn’t matter now does it?

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Comic notes:
Apparently Rattrap can powerlink with his butt…. And he enjoys it.

Also, try and spot all the Minicons.
Some of the more obscure ones my keen eyed friend eyed: exclusive Lost Age Ivan (red redeco of Classics Terrorsaur),
HP Pure Gold Metal R.A. from the Arms Micron/Prime Orion Pax toy from 2012 Joshin Kids' Land & Bic Camera Stores
Dragoyell (recolour of Classics Nightscream) who is a TeleMaga/TV Magazine Lucky Draw Maximal/Autobot
Well, Dragoyell wasn’t that well hidden, but there ya go.

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