Wednesday 27 December 2017

Top toys of 2017

So here I am once again, doing a top toys of 2017.  And battling with the stupid table layout of live writer.

Once again, I’ve kept a list of all the toys I’ve nabbed over the year and this year is looking a little low on the count, with a definite reduction in lines.  You can plainly see that I have been focussing on Legends figures, that and the reduction in quantity is mainly due to a change of living circumstances.  This year has been a bit low in regards to Masterpiece releases especially due to the year being full of  recolours.

Here’s the list of 2016

These are the toys for this year:

  • Racing Miku 2015 team Ukyo (figma)
  • Bruce Lee Yellow Tracksuit version (Figuarts)
  • Team Rocket (Figuarts)
  • Magneto (revo Yamaguchi)
  • Kup/Char (Legends)
  • Sharkitcon & Sweep #7 (Legends)
  • Trypticon (Legends)
  • Hot Rod (Legends)
  • TriggerHappy (Legends)
  • Brawn & Repug (Legends)
  • Kickback & Clouder (Legends)
  • Broadside & Repug suit (Legends)
  • Misfire (Legends)
  • Doublecross (Legends)
  • Megatron (Masterpiece)
  • Kondor and Apeface (Legends)
  • Rewind and Nightbeat (Legends)
  • God Bomber (Legends)

Once again, honourable mentions go to the whole Transformers Legends line with their headmasters.  I seriously love the crappola out of these guys.

First up, Number 5

Yellow suit Bruce Lee from figuarts.


Figuarts make great action figures.   This Bruce has a scanned face thingo going on, and it looks good.  Obviously based on his Tracksuited Bruce from Game Of Death, it has all the sasss and awesome facial expressions one would want from a Bruce Lee toy.  I have it, I love it and it’s a great fiddle toy!!

Number 4

Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi Magneto


I picked this baby up at the Tokyo Comic Con, where I got a photo with Stan Lee.  A strange experience that just kind of shows the price of celebrity.  Maybe I’ll rant on about that another day.  Anyway, there was very little else at the TCC except for some toys set ups which mostly had stuff you can’t buy yet.  So as a consolation prize, I picked up this toy.

Damn it’s fun.  It’s wonderfully sculpted to look like Magneto from the MVC games as well as Magnus from when I was into the comics.  The cape is a pain, but dynamic and a lot of fun if you persevere.  He has little effect parts with magnets in them for… Um. ..  Fun.  It’s great and REALLY makes me want the Wolverine they did too.  I swear, if they produce a Jim Lee era Cyclops, I’ll scream like a little girl

Number 3

Masterpiece Megatron.


What a glorious piece this wonderful bit of engineering is.  Much like the Beast Wars Convoy, it looks like it’s jumped out of the cartoon.  Proportions are wonderful, posing is GREAT and it Transforms into a gun, and comes with all the kit that one would expect for Megatron.  Some people have complained about the colour, but I really dig it and the damaged face and chest look incredible.   Sure transforming him for the first time is a real pain in the arse, but the fact that it manages to make a convincing gun mode, as well as a super pose-able awesome looking Megatron is glorious.

Number 2



Legends Triggerhappy.  Ah dayum, he is a well designed Transformer!    A great spaceship/future jet mode, really nice colours, an actual Targetmaster and on top of that a really well designed transformation and a head that looks good on most bots.  

Number 1

Legends Dynazowra/Trypticon

IMG_4344IMG_20171222_190813 (1)IMG_20171222_190838 (1)IMG_20171222_190727

Ever since he was announced as the winner of the fan poll (even though I didn’t vote for him as he was inevitbale) I’ve been excited for this toy.  The prototype shots that were leaked onto the internet all that time ago just got me champing at the bit to get my grubby little man hands on Trypticon and when he arrived I was over the moon.  Great dino mode, cool base mode (much better than the Titans Fort Max, and Metroplex) and a nicely designed helper robot in Fulltilt.  Since I’ve had this guy, he’s been out of the box and I just keep going back to play with him.  He works so well with the other toys in the line and is just a barrel of fun.

Tanoshii toys of 2018??

What am I looking forward to next year?  Well, let’s just say that I’m not really looking to much from the Power of The Primes line.  So far, Optimus and Rodimus look pretty awful and the Prime head figures don’t quite tickle my fancy as much as mini-headmaster-transformer-dudes do.  The Dinobots look unexciting, so hopefully, all I will want will be the Terrorcons (my favourite combiner team).

I’m still looking forward to the rest of the Legends line, in particular, Greatshot.  On paper, Sixshot ticks all the right boxes, but when I got the G1 version in hand, it really didn’t do it for me.  hopefully, Greatshot with his nice colours will do it for me.   As well as many others.  I’m not sure how many I’ll be personally getting, but I sure do hope to keep up with the delightful Legends Comics.


I hold out a wish that there is a surprise announcement for Snapdragon and Apeface to get a proper figure releases.  Poor old triple changing Headmasters have been sadly left out in a line full of Headmasters and Triplechangers, which I think is an absolute disgrace.  Sure, Apeface got a head release, but poor old Snapdragon didn’t even get that!  A TRAVESTY!

Aside from Transformers, at the TCC, I saw some nice looking figures from Mafex.  They had an Astroboy which looked pretty damn fine (along with butt-machineguns!) and a very shiny, lippy looking Robocop.


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