Saturday 16 December 2017

Legends Comic Translation LG21 Hard Head


Ladies and gentlemen!  I am proud to present, finally, the translation of Hardheads in pack comic! 
Like, properly edited and looking like a comic. 

AAAAaaaand the best news is that after carefully going over the comic, my run down of it’s story is the same as my dodgy typing up of the story back when I reviewed the toy.  His bio was translated there as well, so READ IT.


Enough blah blah;
Original Comic:

English With arrows:

And English with NO arrows.  Noice.


Notes about the comic.
  • In the first page, 7th panel, Hardhead is singing karaoke with Twincast and Chromedome, and established hobby of his.  His in Japanese actually has the same amount of syllables as a Haiku (5,7,5).  A surprising discovery, which I had trouble making the English version fit the same pattern  (but I did!).
  • Tankette…. REALLY likes Chromedome.  When they first meet, she uses a standard ‘I’ll always help you’ phrase, but when CD and RT jump on, (could just  be my dirty mind) she says “Gotta fnd a good position.”  So…  *ahem* make of that what you will.
  • In the final panel, Tankette is trying to feed Hardhead.  Aw, cute.

Next one I'll be working on is Blaster/Twincast/Broadcast whateverhisnamebloodyis thanks to a nice chap going by the handle of Gold5 who emailed me with some nice scans.

Thanks buddy!

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