Friday 29 January 2021

Legends Bonus Edition Translation - Transformers Movie Celebration!


So after a bit of burnout on the Selects Manga, I took a break.  
And then, then there was a little hole in my soul and I thought, darn, I need to fill it with some


and so here we are!

  Huzzah, Yay for me and the world in general.

This story takes place as a celebration for the live action movies.  I wasn't that keen on doing it at first, but I am glad that I did.  Nice bit of silly fun.

It's a bit nutty, so I made an arrow version for those who would like it. Enjoy.

I rather enjoyed the reference to the girl singing group.  The Japanese text says "We're Idols."  In Japan "Idol" is used for people who are entertainers and can usually sing/dance and look pretty.  Groups like AKB48 is an idol group.  I've always found them tedious, banal and cookie cutter made.  I swear when one retires they just go to the factory to get a new one.

It seems Sakamoto thinks the same, as the name of the group isn't included.  Lovely.


  1. Another Generations Selects is out! Looks like Primus has gone postal!

  2. Indeed it seems that way. He has no qualms about destroying universes and ending lives that is for sure. However he puts himself under a lot of pressure and I don't think everything is as obvious as it may seems at first...


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