Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Early Concept Armada Video game footage

I started thinking of this video a couple of days ago.  I remember in 2003, when I spent a long time on dial-up downloading this video to have a look at the gameplay of the first Transformers game in English on the PS2.  I think a lot of people managed to miss this as it was an early release, quite a bit earlier than any other gameplay vids.

What I find most interesting about this video is the incredible amount of things that were changed for the final product.  Entire level designs, skills and abilities and set pieces as well have all had a little change.

Have a look of the video and see what you can spot!

Some things to I noticed :

  • 0:10 - Some sort of Decepticon base in the snow.
  • 0:13 - Completely different section with what looks like a road.
  • 0:27 - Different model Decepticlones.
  • 0:29 - Gun emplacement use!
  • 0:31 - Jolt Powerlinked to Hot Shot in vehicle mode!
  • 0:35 - Jolt Powerlinked to Hotshot in robot mode for a hover-jump sort of thing.

I would have loved to have seen some of these abilities kept, as the powerlinking was just a bullet time effect, plus the powerlinking in vehicle mode would have been sweet as well.  Oh well, if you play the game (which is pretty good) and collect all the data-cons, you discover that quite a lot was cut from the final product, like a fight with Demolishor and more.  Oooo, what could have been.

Also please note that my conversion from quicktime (Barf!) to something else has changed the ratio, it should be square, not widescreen.

So after I eventually found it again on Gamespot, I had to go to the effort of downloading it as the site wouldn't play it.  So onto you tube it goes, for posterity of course.

So I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane.  I had a bit of a hassle finding that video again and am glad I did now.  Oh the good old days.  

No, I don't know what I am referring to either...

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