Monday 13 February 2012

Ver Ka Fei Yen and Hatsune Miku. Um, Okay.

Ver Ka Miku Headpic
I saw this and wondered what the hell was going on.  Truly a strange crossover if ever there was one.  Fei Yen from the robot fighting game Virtua On, which I quite like.  Miku Hatsune from the game Vocaloid, which I am not so fond of, but like the character.  Both licenses owned by SEGA.  Completely unrelated.  Made by Bandai.

I smell money making cash in.

I pretty much got this due to my appreciation for both sides of this coin.  And because it is just a weird crossover. Much like the Disney Label Transformers.  It just makes you go “Wha-?”

The box is nicely presented(by SEGA Kidding…) and does the business of holding it all together.


Here is a terribly quick video review.  My first, so please be gentle.

The figure itself looks pretty good and I will admit that despite the strange combination of characters they have done a good job of slapping them together.

Ver Ka Miku (1)Ver Ka Miku (2)

It feels like there is enough Miku in there to show Miku and enough Fei Yen in there to show Fei Yen as well.  If all else fails, I could use her as a super powered robot mode for crime fighting Miku.

This Composite Fei Yen comes with two heads.  One is the Virtua On style robot head and another is one of Miku’s face with the visor lifted.  Both look pretty good, although I prefer the robot head for some reason.  Maybe because it reminds me of Evil-La from Space Channel 5 a bit.

Ver Ka Miku (55)Ver Ka Miku (28)

She has the usual Miku staples of clothing, collar, neck tie, little string thing around her dress, ‘01’ tattoo on the side, which looks nice and binary.  If something could be described as binary for looks that is…

Ver Ka Miku (16)
Ver Ka Miku (9)Ver Ka Miku (10)Ver Ka Miku (11)Ver Ka Miku (12)

Some of the details are really really nice.  For example in the chest photo above, under the gold badge she has the word ‘Virtualoid’ printed on.  So so very tiny!  And the fore-arms have the control panel looking doohicky that all Mikus have as well.  Also please note that my camera seems to loathe the proper colour of this figure.  he should be an aqua green colour.  Like the second arm pic, which I ahd a friend do some editing on for me.  I didn't feel game enough to ask him to do them all, so just imagine the others are the same colour.

Her skirt pieces are the vents from the Fei Yen and they are individually articulated to a certain extent and they can be moved out of the way for leg clearance of required.  The skirt string thing is there as well.

Ver Ka Miku (6)Ver Ka Miku (20)

She comes with a variety of changeable hands that plug in via a socket in the fore-arm.  This is kind of cool, but not at the same time.  The hands just move on a ball joint, but are limited in movement by the flared sleeves.  So you can’t really get much movement from the wrists.

The shoulders are limited in movement by the sculpting of themselves.  It takes a fair bit of wiggling to get them in the position you’d like, especially if moving them up  and the elbows have a slightly higher than 90 degree angle of movement, but no swivel, so despite have a little ‘V’ set of fingers, you can’t get her hand very close to her face, or eyes for that Pulp Fiction dancing scene recreation.  Yes, I know we ALL try and replicate famous dancing scenes from movies with robot toys.

Her waist actually has quite a bit of movement and panels and things for display are jointed so as to not get in the way.  She has these two bits hanging off the back of her belt, which are pretty cool and have some nice details on the underside.  Having said that though, these two pieces are part of my main problem with this toy.  The stand.  It isn’t big enough and the two bits on her waist mean the peg has to be longer.  But it isn’t, it is only just  long enough to fit in the hole in her back.

Ver Ka Miku (17)Ver Ka Miku (18)Ver Ka Miku (19)Ver Ka Miku (5)Ver Ka Miku (31)

Her head is well detailed and looks Virtua on-ary( ? ) enough.  Her pony tails are long and heavy, but that appears to be the case with most Miku toys I have.  This one has some extra ones, that are more free-flowing looking for the special pose the stand is designed for.  I am impressed that the not free hair has green details underneath as well.  It adds a nice neon effect to the whole thing.

Ver Ka Miku (7)Ver Ka Miku (29)Ver Ka Miku (14)Ver Ka Miku (15)Ver Ka Miku (30)

As you can see, she has her usual ear phones and mike as well.  On her back is a CD player.  Which is a nice touch.  In all the Virtua On games, the robots had a console on there back, which I guess was their power source of sorts.  On the original game and the Saturn Conversion, they had a little Sega Saturn, the Dreamcast game “Oratorio Tangram” they had a Dreamcast.  Now I am not too sure as I haven’t really played any since Tangram.  but when you boosted/jumped the drive would open and you could see a disc spinning in there.  I really loved that touch.

Miku here obviously has a CD player of sorts in her back that opens and the CD can fold out.  You can even take it out if you so desire.

Ver Ka Miku (3)Ver Ka Miku (4)Ver Ka Miku (39)Ver Ka Miku (56)Ver Ka Miku (57)

She has nicely made legs, which carry the black tights of Miku off and add the angular looks of Fei Yen too.  They are really well articulated, with a double joint on her knee, swivel at her thigh and hip ball joints.  The Ankles can rotate and swivel as well.

Another issue I have is one of her feet is sculpted on a slightly wonky angle.  First off I just thought the foot wasn’t plugged into the joint very well, but on closer inspection, you can see that it has been sculpted this way.  I think it is meant for the pigeon toed ‘cute’ pose. that is on the front of the box in her Fei Yen form.  I hate it.  But with bit of wiggling around with the joint, I have managed to fix it enough so that it doesn’t annoy me anymore.

Ver Ka Miku (8)Ver Ka Miku (25)Ver Ka Miku (26)Ver Ka Miku (60)Ver Ka Miku (61)Ver Ka Miku (62)

Accessory wise she has her extra hands, oddly enough she has a set that are designed to hold a rifle/gun.  Now I just have to find one of an appropriate size!!  She also has her ‘Jade Negi’ (leeks) which I thought were neon laser leeks.  And a Microphone.  I don’t understand why she has a microphone to hold in her hand when she has a headset.  But there ya go.  I guess I am just showing my musical ignorance.

Ver Ka Miku (27)Ver Ka Miku (22)Ver Ka Miku (23)Ver Ka Miku (24)

I quite like the look of her leeks.  lame I know.  That sounds a but rude as well …

Moving on.  Ahem.

This is her ‘Emotional heart.’  Nope, I am not lying, that is what the box calls it.  It has two ‘emotional lines’ (the swirly things around it) which can be plugged in or completely take off you so desire.  the Heart comes with its own separate stand and the opaque plastics does a good job of looking like a laser blast.

Ver Ka Miku (32)Ver Ka Miku (33)

One thing that impressed me about the base was that they included plugs, as it has three holes for different stands.  One to hold the figure, one for the ‘Emotional heart"’ and one for the leeks.  If you are not using one though, there are some plugs to fill the holes.  Nice touch that.  Shame the figure holder isn’t tall enough though…

Ver Ka Miku (43)Ver Ka Miku (44)

Ok, so keeping all that in mind, I have gone about replicating the pose for which the stand seems designed for, her “flying lying retreating emotional Heart blast.”  That’s not really the name, I just made that up then.

(To be spoken like Lion Force Voltron forming)
Swap over the hair, take off her tie, put on new tie, change neck joint and flip around plug for back.

And we pretty much have the pose for which the whole thing is designed for.

Ver Ka Miku (37)Ver Ka Miku (38)Ver Ka Miku (39)Ver Ka Miku (40)Ver Ka Miku (41)Ver Ka Miku (42)

Although I do have the wrong face.  And I didn’t actually swap the neck joint.  See she comes with a solid neck piece to keep the head at the right angle required.  Riiiight.  unnecessary.  It looks nice, and seems to work ok,  but bump your table and watch that Miku roll to one side on the joint on her back.  (last two pictures).  Again, the stand lets me down…

The ties are quite cool and this will be the first Miku I have with a tie that can be taken off.  Behold the tielessness!

Ver Ka Miku (34)Ver Ka Miku (35)Ver Ka Miku (36)
And a flowing tie…

Eventually, with a LOT of careful planning and posing and swearing, I managed to get some action out of this toy.  Naturally I wanted ass kicking scenes of action, not poxy singing songs of love.  To my relief the joints in her chest allow for much kicking of ass!

Ver Ka Miku (45)Ver Ka Miku (46)Ver Ka Miku (47)Ver Ka Miku (48)Ver Ka Miku (49)Ver Ka Miku (50)Ver Ka Miku (51)Ver Ka Miku (52)Ver Ka Miku (53)Ver Ka Miku (54)

Sadly you can’t get much height out of the stand and due to her tails at the back, a figma stand won’t go in far enough.  But still, the one supplied although lacking seems to be ok.  As long a you don’t bump her otherwise she will end up on her head.

So I guess to sum this up and finish off, it’s a nice figure.  Let down greatly by the stand in my opinion.  I can really see me looking for a better stand later.  Despite the quirky crossover subject, it manages to work really well.  Although the articulation is let down a bit in some places.  I still like it and am glad I have it.  I think most SEGA fan boys probably would as well.


  1. Nice review, just ordered mine today, but I guess this is what we get for wondering what a mecha-Miku would look like, and it does not disappoint :)

    1. Thanks. Good to see she is still available. I still really like this toy.


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