Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Fall of Cybertron news and toys. ZOMG!!!!!!!

I am not normally one who likes repeating news like some crazy news repeating cockatoo, but I think I need to bring to attention some of the awesome things that are happening on the Fall Of Cybertron (The sequel for War for Cybertron) front.  Not only is the game shaping up pretty nicely with Grimlock being a playable character (Yes he is a Dinosaur as well!), but they are planning some toys, that number more than the four they previously released.

Currently we have Optimus, hopefully a new figure to reflect his larger body.  Shockwave, which makes me wonder if the change his vehicle mode from a Wipeout2097 type jet from the first game (multiplayer only rather annoyingly) to something else.  And Jazz, which will no doubt be a pretty schmick looking car mode.

They have confirmed, get this, Swindle and Brawl.

Yes, that's TWO members of the Combaticons!!  Gameinformer magazine has confirmed that Vortex (the helicopter) is a playable character, and I think they confirmed the combined team will form Bruticus.  Here is a link to a heap info from Gameinformer.  I suggest checking it out!!!!!!!

Add to that awesome news, we have magazine scans of Swindle and Brawl (Brawl was in the WFC game already but no toy).

And a shot of Bruticus' head.  Yes the toy!!  That can only mean that there will be an Onslaught (toy)

Woop Woop Combiner in the works!

Here's some pics.


Swindle, not Transformed very well in this picture.  That waist is well out of whack!

And the torso, which would have to be Onslaught!!  Who was also a playable character in the Multiplayer side of things.

I have to admit, I was pretty excited at the game alone and thought we might get figures of the main characters.  But to see the possibility of a (from the limited pics I have seen so far)  rather nice looking combiner team made of deluxes with a larger main robot is a prospect that I am too excited about.

Good thing I had my fangasm pants on.

Official game site is here  Not much going on though.

And finally, Transformers on facebook is revealing Prime Toys every day for the next week or so and a bit of FOC image every Monday until release

Pics and info stolen shamelessly form here
and somewhere else on that site.

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