Friday 24 February 2012

BRS 2035. More Black Rocks.

BRS2035 (75)

Uh-oh.  Just like my increasing collection of Hatsune Mikus, it appears I am getting an increasing collection of Black Rock Shooters (BRS).  Luckily, I happen to like them both.  This iteration of BRS is designed from the PSP game, of which I am currently making my way through.  It was only released in Japan and to be honest is not all that compelling.


BRS 2035 appears to be an older version of BRS from the previous figma released.  She has a few different designs added that may or may not be an improvement. 


Let’s have a look.



In the game, BRS arrives after being awoken from sort of stasis sleep pod thing.  This probably allows for some interesting changes to the character design and seems as good a plot device as any other.


On to the toy!!


BRS2035 (1)BRS2035 (2)


It has the usual figma box of the larger size.  All the other BRSss have had this size box as well.  Inside the box, the plastic holder holds BRS in place like this.


BRS2035 (3)BRS2035 (4)BRS2035 (5)BRS2035 (6)


Fairly standard stuff really.  Sword, gun and a single face.  An extra fringe with her blue flame for eye placement and the figma stand and accessories baggy.


BRS2035 (9)BRS2035 (10)


Ok, the most obvious difference between this and the previous one are the ‘mecha-musume’ style wings on the back.  Her flowing jacket tails, which I quite liked are absent and she has a couple of robot wings.  It looks somewhat Busou Shinki like.  Not a bad line, the Busou Shinki, but a tad expensive.   When I first saw the wings, I wasn’t too sure what to think as I really liked her jacket as it could be posed dynamically for posing in the wind.  The wings however can’t,  they are straight and fairly hard as well as long.  I found it a bit hard to place them when BRS was standing idle..


Keeping with the wings, I will admit this, I actually ended up liking them quite a bit as I messed about with BRS and tried posing her the wings really came into their own, as long as she was flying that is.  But that’s it really.  Have BRS in a flying pose and she is awesome.  Heck, a jumping, running, any type of action pose and the wings work fairly well.  They are attached through a pretty flexible joint allowing swivelling and hinge movement so they can spread out or fold up and out if required.


BRS2035 (27)BRS2035 (28)BRS2035 (29)BRS2035 (30)BRS2035 (31)


They also have a little tail wing thing on them that can move up and down. Nice.  And she has a fin that comes out of the top of her jacket near her neck, that one doesn’t allow any movement but it is soft plastic.


That’s enough about hose.  More later when I get to the action pictures.  I like this figure as they have taken the original BRS and kind of ‘teched’ her out.  Instead of scars, they have been replaced by future stitches ™.  It really adds to the mature feel that this BRS gives off over the first one.  Her face a  general feel of the figure overall is more mature as well.  Also interesting to note that her dog tags on 2035 is a change from the neck adornment from the first one, which was a zipper handle for her jacket.


Although I see she still gets around in a bikini top….


BRS2035 (12)BRS2035 (13)

BRS2035 (15)BRS2035 (16)BRS2035 (19)BRS2035 (20)BRS2035 (21)

The jacket is made of a soft plastic and is easy enough to move if required.  She has a very nice belly and I love the detail on her future stitches.


She has a new belt and face sculpt too.  the face is an older looking one, that is also a little more serious.  This must be BRS: First blood.  Very nice eyes.


BRS2035 (14)BRS2035 (17)BRS2035 (18)BRS2035 (22)


She has some crazy looking shoes, that’s fer sure.  Maybe they are designed to give her cover when required.


BRS2035 (23)BRS2035 (24)BRS2035 (32)


She comes with one extra face and her fringe.  The extra face is to allow some aggressiveness through the form of a yell.  It looks pretty cool and the fringe with the flame allows you to see her eye behind it.  Don’t make her angry.  You won’t like her when she’s angry.


BRS2035 (36)BRS2035 (39)BRS2035 (37)BRS2035 (38)


She also has more hair now as well I notice.


For the fighting, she comes with her standard Black Rock Cannon and Black Sword.  I love the paintwork on both of these weapons, it’s just beautiful.


First the sword.


BRS2035 (41)BRS2035 (42)

BRS2035 (43)BRS2035 (44)


Wonderful dry brushed paintwork on that blade, just a hint of gold.


BRS2035 (45)BRS2035 (46)


Damn! Devs has come a cropper and BRS chopped off the wrong hand.  Well, she is going to have to go larger on this big fella!!


How do we do that? 


Whip out the BLACK ROCK CANNON!!!


BRS2035 (47)


Oh yeh! Now we are talking.  And have a look at that paint work!


BRS2035 (48)BRS2035 (49)BRS2035 (50)BRS2035 (51)BRS2035 (52)BRS2035 (53)BRS2035 (54)


Not only is there some great sculpted details on that baby, like inside the barrel, the paint job makes it looks like a cannon that has seen some rough days.  I love how the end is a slightly corroded white on it, yet the barrel leading back to BRS has a touch of paint that gives it a slightly rusted look.  Magnifique! As they would say in France.


One thing that bugs me a bit and I can’t remember whether I suffered this issue with the other BRS, is that her hand that holds the cannon is incredibly hard to get on and off.  I dunno, it could be my fat fingers showing their age or what, but man it made me swear like a very angry drunken sailor who had just missed a nail and hit his thumb with a hammer!  She has the choice of two hands for holding the gun.  One with a hinged wrist for flipping the gun over her shoulder, ala how she stand in the game when bored, and another with no hinge for when you need a straight hand for blasting some baddies.


BRS2035 (56)

Much swearing preceded this picture.  And then followed as I tried to remove that hand…


Anyway the end result is cool.


BRS2035 (55)BRS2035 (57)

But maybe not so for Devastator….


Now for some action poses.  This is where the wings really showed me that they weren’t a total annoyance.


BRS2035 (33)BRS2035 (34)BRS2035 (35)BRS2035 (59)BRS2035 (60)BRS2035 (61)BRS2035 (62)BRS2035 (63)BRS2035 (64)BRS2035 (65)BRS2035 (66)BRS2035 (67)BRS2035 (68)


And I even came to a satisfactory placement for her standing on the ground with the wings.


BRS2035 (72)BRS2035 (73)BRS2035 (71)


You can easily fold them back a tad for walking times.  Like when she gets a Black Rock doggy.  Or something.


So I went from initial “Man these wings are a pain and ruin this figure” to and eventual “Wheeeeeee! Wings are coool!”  which I am glad for as I wanted to like this figure.  Sadly it is somewhat tricky to make her stand still and look cool, which was easier with the first BRS due to her jacket’s natural flow in the wind, but this one can make some really sweet attacking poses.  The paintwork on the sword and cannon really help add to the mature look to this figure and the face and general extra bits add a lot of character.  I am happy I got this one.  It’s cool and with the wings, I can happily have her displayed flying around on her stand while having the other standing around looking moody!

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