Sunday, 18 March 2012

Shadow and the Dark Rider–Video Review


Hiya folks, I have been meaning to get to some more of my Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing toys for aaaaages now, and have finally gotten around to taking some happy snaps.  Sadly though, I am feeling too lazy to type up a review, so here we go with some more Video watching.


After the Jump, I do have a lot more pictures for some closer looking.





Shadow (1)Shadow (2)Shadow (3)Shadow (4)Shadow (5)Shadow (6)Shadow (7)Shadow (8)Shadow (9)Shadow (10)Shadow (11)Shadow (12)Shadow (13)Shadow (14)Shadow (15)Shadow (16)Shadow (17)Shadow (18)Shadow (19)Shadow (20)Shadow (21)Shadow (22)Shadow (23)Shadow (24)Shadow (25)Shadow (26)Shadow (27)

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