Friday, 23 March 2012

Knuckles and the Land Breaker

Continuing my lazy theme of reviewing the SOnic and SEGA All Stars racing 3.75 (hmm, might be 2.75) inch figures with vehicle, I have here Knuckles and his quad bike that travels by the name of the Land Breaker.  Watch the video and then enjoy the awesome pictures that I took.  Yeh, I said awesome.  Coz it’s true all right? 

Piccies after the jump.  Enjoy!

Knuckles (1)Knuckles (2)Knuckles (3)Knuckles (4)Knuckles (5)Knuckles (6)Knuckles (7)Knuckles (8)Knuckles (9)Knuckles (10)Knuckles (11)Knuckles (24)Knuckles (25)Knuckles (12)Knuckles (13)Knuckles (14)Knuckles (15)Knuckles (16)Knuckles (17)Knuckles (18)Knuckles (19)Knuckles (20)Knuckles (21)Knuckles (22)Knuckles (23)

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