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Let me show you my Panty

Panty head
Believe it or not, it is safe to go ahead and read the rest of this post…  This is a little review of Panty, made by Rio: Bone I believe.  Panty comes from the anime “Panty, Stocking and Garterbelt.”  It is a truly interesting tv show all right, which takes inspiration from the US cartoons such as Ren and Stimpy and the Powerpuff Girls.

Panty is a fallen angel of sorts who hunts ‘Ghosts’  in Daiten City.  Needless to say that the anime is a bit risque and Panty here has a foul mouth full of naughty words, often in English and the cartoon is definitely aimed at an older audience. 

Update updat update!!  I have Stocking at last! Oh YEAH!

***There is likely to be some swearing and so a mature outlook on life is needed for the following review***.  I lied actually, there ended up not being any swearing after all.

Panty comes in a larger box than I expected, it is decorated nicely and has enough art and images on display to let you know what you will be in for.


The figure is about 13 cm tall and quite bulky looking.  She comes with a good selection of accessories, which include hands, guns and earrings. The box is displayed to show off her guns and the figure.


Once out of the box, I was impressed by the accuracy she had to her cartoon counterpart.  Er, well not the sexy version when she gets her panty gun, the angry version that is prominent in the cartoon.


There are some good design choices on this figure, the shoes have nice flat toes and wide heels and the large calves and thighs are heavy, allowing Panty to stand very easilt in a great variety of poses.  The joints are covered fairly well, in some places and not so in others.  Her ankle can be covered up by the strap to her shoe, but her knee really opens up when bent as far as it can go.  A small niggle however.  Personally, I would rather have the gap in the knee than limited knee movement.


Her pants have a nice almost pearlescent colouring too them, and are pliable plastic, as is her dress.  The dress also has some gradient dark paint for shadowing on it as well.  the only other paint really is her eyes and the lighting bolt in her fringe.


Panty has some metal pins in her waist joints, which are required for strength and can bee seen, but only when looking really hard up her dress...  Uum, yeeess....

Her bangles and ear rings are separate pieces and can move about her arm or be take off if one so desires.  The bangles do have a small wedge on them, so they will hold onto her wrists fairly well.  Just be aware that the ear rings only have a small notch in her ears to hang on to and I found myself accidentally knocking them off and then spending the next 5 minutes crawling on the floor looking for the blasted things.


She has double joints in her shoulders that I really like, you can get some excellent movement out of these types of shoulders,  I think all figures should have them!!  

Lets have a look at her accessories.  My personal favourite one will be first.

Is it an accessory?            Well sort of, it' an interchangeable hand.  I have never been so happy to have been provided with a hand...

F*&% YOU!!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Brilliant and just like Panty as well!  It goes really well when combined with her other weapons as well!


And it goes with all of her faces as well!!

Her other weapons are two pistols, made from Panty's panties and Stocking's panties.  Stocking's gun, well I forgot to take a shot, but it shows up in my video.  Both the pistols and shotgun have the pearlescent plastic as well.

I really like that the pistol based off of Panty's panties have a little bow on the edge of the barrel.  The hands are sculpted onto the guns, so you don't have to worry about the trigger finger breaking or anything like that.  They are very solid.

Panty's faces add even more to her character.  I really found myself having fun with this figure, it just has sooo much personality in it!


When Panty has her gun in hand, she er, well has no panties on.  Due to her skill being that she can turn underwear into weaponry.  Soooo, you get a no-panty hip section to swap out if you so desire.


the white bit of plastic there is supposed to stay plug into her body...  Not the legs.  I do like the sculpting on the panties, cute little bow and lacy coloured bits.  Bumb crack on her no-panty waist.  Ha!  Don't see that in the cartoon though.

Posing time.

The biggest problem I have is that the stand plugs into her hair, and if you go for a jumping pose, all the weight of the body then goes onto her neck joint, which can't hold the weight a lot of the time.  Really there is no way around this so i guess it is a necessary evil.

Anyway, you can still come up with some ace poses!


She also comes with a solid Chuck figure, chuck is like Panty's dog or something...  I need to watch the anime a bit more...  It is a solid piece and has no articulation, but gets the meaning across ok.


And that is pretty much it for Panty.  I admit that I bought this on a whim, but have found that I really, really like it.  Great articulation, weight, balance and characterisation all make this an awesome little figure.


Oh yes and I have done a little video review, complete with smarmy comments about my lack of video skillz...  enjoy.

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