Thursday, 8 March 2012

Reservoir ‘Cons




All these Prime toys look cool stomping around the place.  Inspired to create a Reservoir Dogs poster inspired pose.   Hmm, I am not so great at the after photo editing it would seem Smile with tongue out


Original Pic in colour after the jump.



That is the unedited pic I used.  Megatron needs to be bang in the middle.  I wanted Starscream either out in front of Megatron or hanging back somewhere, sort of separate from the main group.  Knockoff (CJ) next to Megs to help emphasise Megs height a touch.  Soundwave nearby to Megs and Vehicon somewhere at the back.


These are some other pics I took while deciding which way to have them organised.  The original poster has some of the characters with their hands in their pockets, so I attempted to simulate this with Starscream by folding his hands in.  However I couldn’t really hide them well with him up the front, so that is why I moved him down the back for the final.


Plus he looks a bit more dejected on the side there.



This was the first arrangement.  It is level with the toys and Starscream is front and centre with hands for all to see.  I tried lower angle shots, and this front on shot, but the main problem was you lost the look of the walking a little bit.  The best ‘motion’ effect was achieved with the camera looking down on them.  Vehicon can hang happily behind as he is just a Decpticlone trooper.  So he doesn’t need any love Open-mouthed smile




A higher camera provides a feeling of motion for the toys, as you can better see that their legs are in a walking configuration, and allows for layers of figures, hopefully cleverly hiding Starscream’s hands behind the shoulder.


The problem with this arrangement was that you can’t really see that Starscream’s hands are attempting to be in his ‘pockets.’


Thus I decided on the final shot.


Thanks for looking!

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