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Generations Waspinator

Waspinator was an excellent character from Beast Wars and I loved that over all the characters, he was one of the few that didn’t get a Transmetal upgrade in the cartoon, he did however have excellent characterisation!  I ended up getting the Beast Wars toy from the 10th Anniversary lot that came out and the show inspired colours were good and the toy was pretty nice as well. 

When I first saw this guy, I thought I would pass, as the original is pretty damn good.  I naturally caved and well…. Here we are.

Waspbox (3)Waspbox (1)

He comes on the standard bubble card casing.  The robot looks pretty small in there.  Some super nice artwork though.  Sexy stats and bio on the rear.

waspinator (2)waspinator (4)waspinator (3)

In robot mode, Waspinator looks fantastic!  He has the massive bug chest, pointy bits and waspy feet hanging off his knees.  It really is a great robot mode.  I really love the colours and think TT managed to get the colours just that little bit sexier than Hasbro and his green is all the same green.  Plus that gold colour Niiice!!

The head is just gorgeous, with a fantastic smack of translucent plastic to power the light piping in his beautiful eyes.  He also has a couple of Predacon insignias on the side of his head.  Hello!  General sculpting is pretty good, but it is mainly the details form his insect mode.  He is detailed where you would expect it though.

waspinator (23)waspinator (22)

Pose options are pretty good and the hinges in his feet allow for some excellent poses.  Finally for now, his gun stores in his bug-butt as the sting and can be pulled out when required.  It doesn’t look too bad when empty either. 

waspinator (19)Wapsbackwaspinator (18)

The knees bending backwards are slightly limited, but that’s due to sculpt and transforming anyway.  Plus his big bug butt doesn’t allow for much crouching.  Naturally, the insect legs hanging off his limbs are a little bit annoying.

The wings are stuck on via a half ball joint connection thing which kind of restricts movement a little bit.  I wish I could get a little bit more motion out of them, as they can only really hang down in robot mode.  I do like the sculpting on them, they have a lightly sculpted in missile in them!  Old skool touches!  Oh and check out that colour!!
They have a switch for making them flap, but due to the positioning of that joint, it’s a little bit weird.
waspinator (25)waspinator (20)

Oh and back to that gorgeous head sculpt.  Check this shit out!!

waspinator (17)waspinator (14)
One extremely sexy little tidbit that I discovered also happened to be the hardest to photograph.  He has a pearlescent plastic in his wings, gun and EYES.   Shine a bit of light through and it looks a lot like an insects eyes.  BEEEYUUUTIFUL! You can kind of see it in the picture above.  Below are some better ones.
waspinator (13)waspinator (10)waspinator (11)
Hard to photograph, but DAMN it looks good in person!!!!  It just adds a little extra sparkle to him as well as enhancing his insectiness!

Now, let’s check out his bug mode.

waspinator (26)waspinator (29)waspinator (27)waspinator (28)
Nice looking wasp there.  I like that the colours are a standard green throughout.  The gun is nicely hidden in his butt and he has a little area underneath that can have either a Bandai action stand, or figma stand plugged in.  I used a figma stand and the rounded end did lead to a little bit of trouble with it 

I was impressed with the fact that his skinny little legs are able to hold up the entire robot body.  I say robot because there is some very visible robot parts underneath.  From the side.  From the front too.  The arms just peg in the side and don’t even try to hide.  Mind you they do have the insect legs hanging off them. 
waspinator (33)waspinator (40)waspinator (30)waspinator (32)

The wings carry over that awesome pearlescent look as well.  Flicking the brown switch on the wasp’s back makes his wings waggle.

waspywingswaspinator (36)waspinator (37)waspinator (39)waspinator (34)
That’s about tall there is to his wasp mode.  From the top he looks fine, but from any other side, you can plainly see robot bits.  However the reason one would buy this toy is not because he becomes a big bee.  It’s because it’s a damn fine rendition of Waspinator’s robot mode.  The head sculpt is glorious (not forgetting those sexy-as insect eyes!) and the poseability of the guy is pretty good.  Takara got the colours just perfectly and I really like the guy a lot.  So much so, I think he will go will with this other beast!

waspinator (1)waspinator (41)
They should be good friends!

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