Monday 26 September 2016

Legends 17 English comic Translation Black Widow / Arachnia LG17

Continuing on with my translating efforts, here is the comic for Blackarachnia / Black Widow.  This one is a pretty cute one too.

Toy review is here

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Some things of note that I picked up on while looking closely.

  • Of course this is Halloween themed.  Blackarachnia was released in Japan at the end of October.
  • When BA wakes up, you can see the Legends Megatron toy and G1 Megatron in gun mode next to her, as well as a Megatron book/magazine/comic.
  • On her wall are Megatron posters with Prime megs, Movie Megs and possibly 2 others the are obscured.
  • She sleeps on Decepticon bed sheets.
  • Slipstream is a bit put out by BA in their OL clothes.  Is this due to bust size? (yes, I think it is).
  • The Femme-con ladies costumes are, BA – Cat girl, SS – Devil (maid?) and NS – Traditional Japanese burial clothes, usually used to depict a female ghost.
  • Nightbird uses signs, since she doesn’t speak. (Silent Ninja Y’see)
  • Windblade is dressed in the top part of Japanese school girl sailor uniform, combined with a school style swimsuit.  Typical school girl fetish clothes.  Airrazor is dressed as a female nurse.  Odd since Airrazor was a boy in Japanese Beast Wars…
  • The FemmeBOTS 3 shot picture, Arcee is a maid, Windblade has her school theme (perhaps indicating she’s the youngest?) and Chromia is a Bunnygirl… Maybe a reference to her large bust size…  Chromia also doesn’t seem to be too fond of her costume.
  • Rattrap is looking right up Arcee’s skirt….
  • Megatron’s hat is of course Krimzeek.
  • BW Megatron has some kind of cape.  Both his dino head(hand) and robo head have top hats.  Is he a classy vampire?  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

The original here.


  1. In Japan, where even robots are sexy.

  2. is half of the transformers legends comic from the japanese manga/toy instructions all showing how sexy the fembots are?

    1. There weren't that many femmebots, but, um, showing the sexiness makes sales..? maybe?


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