Monday 19 September 2011

Kalbarri and it’s National Park!

Today our main plan was to go to Kalbarri National Park.  Since we had an awesome spot at the Sunset Lodge, right across from where the River meets the sea, my better half wanted to go and feed the pelicans which is a daily ritual.

Orr so we thought.  From our balcony, we saw a largeish group of people amassing at the foreshore gave us hope.  And so across the road we trundled.

Yet there were no pelicans.

After some milling,  discovered something…..  Interesting….

A small sign, about the size of an A4 sheet of paper plugged onto a pole, of which there were four.


Then we popped a quick stop into the Visitior’s centre, which incidentally was the first open one we had found.  Luckily for us, it was a very good centre, we got the required information, bought our ticket to the park and had a great chat tot he friendly lady there who was immensely helpful. 

A new purchase of the region’s flowers in a convenient book, a t-shirt and some other random stuffs, we skedaddled off.

The National Park is just north of Kalbarri and an interesting drive.  We initially headed for the “nature’s window” section of the park.  However, as this was a wild flower watching trip, we naturally stopped many many times to check the flowers on the side of the road.


The first being a smokebush I think.  A Kangaroo Paw, something else that looks really fluffy and some incredible views!!

Up next, some shots of Banksias.

There are many different types of Banksia.  Here is one type actually in bloom.

More flowers.  Note that we haven’t actually gotten to the main park yet…


I like the next one, looks like the flower is poking it’s tongue out at you.


Finally we made it to the section with the Nature’s Window.  I loved this area!  I mean, just pulling up The Monster to the carpark, and look at that view!  Straight out the window!!


And so we wandered out to the Window.

Kalbarri National Park is an amazing place there is so much to look at, the gorges, the rocks, it’s all so incredible!


Look at those incredible rock outcrops!!

Even Ratchet got into the mood some viewing.



Finally we hit the window itself.  It’s a bit of a climb out over some rocky sections, but totally worth the effort.  Lots of people hanging around, so you had to wait for the shots you wanted.  Ratchet Managed to butt in and get his photo taken, twice in fact.  Much to the amusement of the surrounding people.

Don’t drop off Ratchet!!

The window is known for framing the river and the second picture shows it well.

More views of the area, some evidence of Emus  (I think) in the area with some tracks leading down to the river.

The second picture there is the platform and stairs leading back to the carpark on the return walk from the window.

There is more to the park than just the window though and we headed off to the other sections for a look see.

This part of the day was at the Z bend of Kalbarri national park.  The river cuts a z through the land, due to some different types of rock in the area.  The lookout is in the middle section of the Z and it is a straight section.

Even on these rock, plant life manages to grow.  Amazing!


Another part of the lookout just off to the side.

It seems that there are some ancient foot prints as well.  This was quite cool!  the photo on the left is of fossilised foot prints of the ancestor to Scorpions and their family.  Wow.  Cool!

Ratchet found a plastic friend!  On the way back to the car park, we came across some lounging wild life!  Well, it was a good day, with some very nice sun that wasn't too hot!


Final section.  We had managed to go to a number of lookouts and since we needed to go to the shops to get some food before they closed, we strategically cut off one part and decided to make the trip down to the river.  After all we had been to a couple of other lookouts.  Many ups, looking down at the river but no opportunity to get down to the river yet.  So this was it.

We did discover the ‘golden sandstone’ at the side of the river.  Wow, so sparkly!

More amazing rock formations.  And another lounging Lizard.


And that was the end of that section of the park.  Of course we still had the trip back and that meant, stopping for road side flowers…  Of which there were many.

A section with many many Smokebushes!  It was great!


It would appear that The Monster has a vendetta against insects!  Behold the glory of WAR!

And this is only day 3.  The final few days of the country were looking good.  Shame some rain on the trip home managed to clear the worst of it off.  Oh well.

Driving down the bush roads!  Ratchet found a comfy place to advise me about driving.  Man he is a grumpy old fella.

And so we made it back for a Barbeque on the Balcony and some more beautiful sunsets going on.  Although all I have here is a shot of The Monster.

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