Tuesday 13 September 2011

To the Pinnacles We goooooo!

Ratchet’s travel adventures begin, about time!   Today’s adventures lead me to the interesting world of the Pinnacles and Other places for the looking at of flowers!  First of all though, as I had guests (aside from Ratchet), I was in need of a larger car. 

Introducing, The Monster.


So big that Ratchet is barely visible. 

It ended up being bigger than I thought, we opted for a smaller car, but actually ended up with this fella. Wooooo!  Quite nice actually.  Nissan X-Trail, has all sorts of crazy doo-dads in it.  Although I am beginning to hate electric windows…

So after a long driving session and some stopping off for flowers photography on the side of the road, we arrive at the Pinnacles, verily an amazing site and sight!


Whhheeeee! Ratchet can fly?

Oh, hang on, Autobots can’t fly…

Pinnacles version of Stonehenge.

And then we were off again!

So many flowers on the side of the road!  It was magnificent.  Rather annoyingly, we missed our turn to Leseur national Park. They need a bigger sign for that!!

Some other flowers were happily just being pretty on the side of the road.


And somewhere with some amazing colours off in the distance.


Some awesome weather for the day, not too hit and lot of sun.  After an hour or so driving, we reached Dongara, our port of call for the night, which featured some Chinese takeaway that was surprisingly good!

More tomorrow!

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