Sunday 14 January 2018

LG54 Legends Bumblebee and Spike

What the heck??  Two videos within a few weeks of each other???????  Has he gone mad?

Not really.  Well, not more so than normal anyway.

When I got Bumblebee, I was looking at him and thought to myself, I could make a video of this guy fairly easily.

So I did.  I scripted it out, worked out what shots I wanted and slapped it all together. 

And found it a bit boring.  It's odd, the production I am fairly happy with.  Some of the lighting could be better but generally I think its an all right video.

It's just a bit... plain.  I then realise I didn't really have any jokes to make.  Bumblebee wasn't a bad toy, so i couldn't slag it off, and he wasn't a fantastic toy, so I couldn't rave about how great it is.

So an average review for an average toy.

Whoops, did I give away the ending??

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