Monday 19 February 2018

LG27 Blaster Legends Comic Translation

Well, after what finally feels like an age,  I’ve finished editing Blaster’s comic from the Legends line.  I really went all out with this baby.  It was fun!

A big thanks must go to a very nice chap who goes by the handle of Gold5 who sent me some nice high quality scans of the comic.  Thanks my friend!  You’re a real champ!

So, as usual  I’ll provide the Japanese, Arrowed and no arrows.

Because Gold5 went to the effort of scanning them for me, I even went and translated the bio too.

Function: Communications Officer
After becoming a headmaster, Blaster got a new Transtector and returned to his crimson self, making him happier than he’s ever been. Now that he has the best performing digital sound speakers in the galaxy, he dreams to unite the galaxy with music. His newly acquired base mode, could well provide him with the ultimate sound stage as well.





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