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Tets goes to Tokyo Comic-Con 2018

As the title suggest, I went to the Comic convention in Tokyo this year.  I went along last year too, as Stan Lee was there and got a photo taken with him.   This year, I was eyeing Peter Weller, AKA RoboCop and other roles, but as I was feeling kinda cheap, I opted out.  I’m sure I’ll regret that later….
The comic con is in its third year I think and doesn’t seem to take up much room at the Mukuhari Messe hall.  Between the comic con, and Toy Show, I seem to be getting pretty familiar with that place now.
However the Comic con also has a stand for TakaraTomy, and they usually have some interesting stuff to look at.  This year they certainly did.   I am sure that all the news and surprises are flooded all over the net before I even got there, so all I intend to do is blabble on about my thoughts of the day and slap some (Possibly blurry) photos up. 
Read on if you dare.

I wasn’t really thinking of going this year, so the actual decision to go came the night before.  As a result, I had to queue to get my tickets, but it did move rather quickly and I didn’t miss anything.  Except for getting a huge ass bag.  The weather was pleasant and I had no complaints.  I got my ticket and went on my merry way to the gate.  As you walk towards the  front entrance, you can spy the food area, which was pretty cool looking from the steps.
line_1543634323774Comiccon2018 (2)
Upon entering, I got given my plastic bag with a brochure and map and some handouts from Hottoys and other shops, got my bearings and made a bee-line for the TakaraTomy booth.  It was already 12 so I had managed to miss TT’s stage time, which kind of sucked.  But I do like a good sleep in and that was the sacrifice. 

The TT booth was easy to find as it had a huge yellow Bumblebee display set up, which was cool. There was a cardboard ‘Bee set up and he had a screen in the eyes, so he looked at people there.  It was pretty cool.  Walking inside the booth, they had a “Specials” set up area, a Masterpiece setup area and a WFC Siege area on one side and a movie theme on the other.  I had a good gander at the specials, which had a Big Convoy in his Anime colours on display (Looked really good I have to say) and then moved onto the MPs, because….  Prototype Convoy 3.0.  He was big, and glorious and wonderful looking.  If he didn’t cost $500 and didn’t have the trailer, I would snap one up. I mean cartoon Optimus…. He rarely had he trailer as it just disappeared.

They also had a Cordon (white MP Sunstreaker) and BW Megatron (Completed) on display.  Both looked very nice.  Megatron was a HUGE and impressive looking dude.  I can’t wait for that to hit.  Everything looked great on him, the colours, the texture, his pupils and the dino head.  That one is going to  be great!  The backgrounds looked very cool too.  It was a nice display to look at overall.

Comiccon2018 (30)
Comiccon2018 (23)Comiccon2018 (24)
Comiccon2018 (4)Comiccon2018 (36)
Comiccon2018 (3)Comiccon2018 (35)Comiccon2018 (34)
Comiccon2018 (33)Comiccon2018 (5)Comiccon2018 (31)

,Next door to them were the WFC Siege toys.  Initially I was only interested in the City former helper bots,  Cog, Sixgun and Trypticon’s purple guy.  But after having a close view of these guys, the rest don’t look so bad.  Optimus looks pretty well done, Flywheels is great, Laserbeak/Ravage are too cute (as are the Targetmasters), the Micromasters all look gloriously classic and even Sideswipe and Hound had me going:
“Oooh, nice!”
Ironhide was a bit tomato soup coloured for my liking.  Megatron looked a tad underwhelming, but not too bad, even  with his “Battle damage paint.”   Which I generally don’t like that much, and most of the toys come with it..  Shockwave looked pretty good as well and I was pretty impressed with Ultra Magnus.  Overall, I find myself thinking that maybe Siege isn’t going to be as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Starscream looked OK, I worry about the legs under that jet mode.
Comiccon2018 (25)Comiccon2018 (8)

Comiccon2018 (18)Comiccon2018 (17)
Comiccon2018 (10)Comiccon2018 (11)
Comiccon2018 (14)Comiccon2018 (7)Comiccon2018 (6)
Comiccon2018 (9)Comiccon2018 (15)Comiccon2018 (13)

While admiring the displays, one of the staff asked me Where I came from, so we started chatting.  I shall refer to him as Mr T as I don’t know if he’d like me plastering his name all over the place.  Anyhoo, we had a good chat and he was a cool dude who knew his stuff, I managed to plug my blog to him and would like to say Mr T, If you want to get together and have some beers at a nice izakaya, I’m fine with that! He was a top bloke, we chatted about G1 figures and Legends toys, and Mps and Siege figures and general life, the world and 42.  I thanked him for his time and shuffled off to the movie side of the display.

After that I wandered over to the movie side setup which was interesting for me, in that I don’t really care for the movie toys (well, enough to buy), but like to look.  The Studio Blackout surprised me at it’s size!  Most of these toys actually looked pretty good.  Jetfire was nice, HoboMegatron looked good, with a fat head bot on the truck and I also saw the parts of Devestator as well, which were nice too.  Like I said they don’t really interest me that much, so not many pictures here folks.
Comiccon2018 (20)Comiccon2018 (19)
Comiccon2018 (22)Comiccon2018 (21)

Afterwards, I went to the TT shop in the side of the booth for some merch.  Finally, I got round to buying a convention exclusive AT a convention.  They had the Vol1. Pack of Movie Buumblebee and the dino cassetts.  I really only wanted the cassettes, but the price was reasonable and the Bumblebee toy is the mould I don’t have yet.  That’s the display down below.  That foil paper they are appears to be origami paper from the 100Yen shop, which gave me a chuckle.   It looked good though, so I guess it was a good choice.  Well done display people!
Comiccon2018 (28)Comiccon2018 (27)
I grabbed one for me and one for a pal in Oz.
Comiccon2018 (29)

After getting my toys, I wandered around the side and they had some other stuff in the back of the wall in cabinets.  Like this gloriously expensive S.O.B.  I must admit, I do like the look of the Matrix thing and the whole concept seems kind of weird and fun.

Comiccon2018 (26)

I then felt pretty happy, so went off to have a look around at other parts of the comic con as they had some movie memorabilia and stuff on display.

Comiccon2018 (39)Comiccon2018 (37)Comiccon2018 (38)
These Nendoroids from GSC.

Comiccon2018 (40)Comiccon2018 (41)
Mr Bean’s car, complete with Padlock on the side.
Comiccon2018 (42)Comiccon2018 (43)
Michael Jackson shirt, and a robot face of him as he transformed in the movie Moonwalker.  If you look in the picture sitting next to the shirt, M.J doesn’t look so happy.

Comiccon2018 (46)Comiccon2018 (44)
Dark Knight Bat suit.  It doesn’t look as cool as it does in the movie.  Slimer from Ghostbusters.

And that’s all I really had.  It was a good atmosphere and seems kind of fun.  After one more round of seeing if I missed anything, I wandered back to the TT booth to thank Mr T. for the chat and once more look at the toys set up.  He told me there was a big Bumblebee suit person for photos and so I queued up for a little photo with BB.  It was silly fun and the suit was pretty good.  I think the Bumblebee movie will be pretty popular, especially with the ladies.  There were very few guys in the queue and most of the ladies were saying how cute Bumblebee was.

No-one needs to know what I look like.

So overall it was a pretty good day.  I had fun.

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