Saturday, 19 February 2011

‘Life Sized’ Gundam in Odaiba

Next to the area of the Tokyo Toy fair of 2009, there was a life sized Gundam (well 1:1 scale apparently, can’t say if it’s ‘life sized’ per se…) and it was really cool.  Coz it’s a frikkin HUUUUGE robot!  Who wouldn’t want to see that?

This post is linked somewhat to my Tokyo Toy Fair pics

Of course it helps that it was the 30th anniversary of Gundam in various forms.  Enough Blabber! Show us the pictures I hear you say.  Erm, Ok…

Well, maybe not just yet.  You had to take a monrail ride to it, these are the shots from the monorail as it tracked around it.  So cool seeing the robot standing over the trees!!!!

He ain't so big, ony two and a half times the size of Ratchet.

Oh, the Gundam had some movement to it too…
Massive Gundam moves!

The Woooooah! That I ended up doing, I only did as everyone else was as well, ended laughing my butt off, as it felt as if everyone was going ‘wooooah!’ just because the people around them were doing it.  Bonding, and hilarious moment.

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