Sunday 20 February 2011

Donations button added

I added a donations button to the side bar today. 

Well I didn't do it lightly. 
Currently I am trying to keep up the toy blog, work, pay the rent and on top of all this, the better half would like to return to Japan.  I would like to be able to move over there as well and work and spend some years experiencing life in another country, I think it would be most exciting!!

Plus I am getting a bit tired and worn down by where I currently am.  Therefore I added the donations button.  I figured that those who appreciate my work and are kind enough to donate can, knowing that I won't be spending it on drugs, booze or other such things.  It will go towards a continental move and a 'plastic crack' (toys in case you are wondering) addiction,  the results of which will be shared with the whole world.

Those who don't wish to donate don't have to.  I will do my best and the blog will continue on as I can, as will life in general.  The button is there, just in case someone feels that they would like to help out.

Again, I have been thinking about this for a while now, and only added it on the chance that some generous people are feeling generous when they visit my blog.

Never know your luck hey?

Thanks, and a big thanks for coming to my blog.  It may not be much and I am still feeling my way around, but I am quite proud of the way it is going. I wish that everyone who visits, enjoys the work I have put up for them to see.


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