Wednesday 23 February 2011

Another Masterpiece? Two toys in one?

Have finished having a play with my newly acquired Rodimus Convoy, of the Masterpiece series.  I like it.  I had trouble with writing this review, as I ended up with a massive long post, as there is a lot to say about it.  But it was boring to read and rambled somewhat.  It took me some time to write as well.  So, I have decided to cut it down quite a bit to some notes and let the pictures do the talking, as there are quite a few.

My last try ended up being too long, as this figure is almost two toys on one, and I was talking about them separately.  Takara Tomy have decided to give us a Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy (Prime in English), but they have also made the effort for him to change into Hot Rodimus (Hot Rod) as well.  Bets of all, they have incorporated both vehicle modes and robot modes.  Although there isn’t much difference between the robot modes and Hot Rod’s car fits underneath the trailer a vehicle.

Enough talk!  On with the pics!! 
Hot Rod mode, next to G1 Hot Rod
I think the colours are spot one.  The mould is based on the cartoon model and it looks perfect!

He comes with the visor that he uses to spot Megatron on the shuttle.   I like the moulding on the sides and back of his head.

Definitely better articulation than G1!  His Guns are spot on as well!

Chromey bits!

Articulated fingers, although the positioning of the hole to put the gun tab is in a bad spot, so when you close the fingers over the gun a bit, it will pop out. Blu Tack recommended!  Can hold his Matrix in one hand though!

his hand folds into the wrist and you can attach a saw blade or his welding torch.  just like the movie.  Both hands do this, so he can dual wield!

He can sort of hold his matrix, but Convoy’s one would be a better fit for holding and posing, plus it opens up a little bit as well, this one doesn’t.
He can only hold it by his thumbs…

Again his back is pretty close to the animation model.
It is rather loose though and prone to flopping open.  Do your best to hook the grey box onto the two red tabs.  Once on, it is still prone to falling open, but not as much as before.
Sadly the front isn’t much better at staying together, at least it isn’t fighting gravity though…  Note the black clips will fit into the recesses on the roof, but it just rests there, but no clipping.  these need to be folded out, mine had them tucked away when I pulled it out of the box.

The front of his chest is nicely detailed and the flames are well painted.  Overall the matte paint is great and sharply applied.  Nice little recess for his Matrix.  The Matrix itself doesn’t open up, but you can whip out the one from Optimus and use that.
Of course with the matrix in his chest….

Bwaaan bwan bwan bwannnnn! you’ve got the touch!

Arise Rodimus Prime!

The change is simple enough, Hot Rod’s face lifts up, Rodimus comes from behind and you can pull his hips down a little lower for a tad more height.

Face comparison, Rodimus’ is longer with some more lines, whereas Hot Rod’s is rounder.  Neither look particularly happy though, I thought Hot Rod would be smiling.

Down Below now…
The groin piece has some nice details and the legs look just like the animation model.  When transforming though, the grey shin covers need to be split and twisted a bit, be very careful.  Overall transformation is fairly simple, the legs are the hardest part.  I really like the knee joints, as there are two joints, one at the knee and one slightly lower, you can make him kneel!

He has ratcheted ankles the move up/down/left/right, allowing for much foot posing.  Die-cast feet and treads on the bottom as well.

The Guns are pretty cool as well, Hot Rod’s Photo Alpha and Beta pistols combine to become Rodimus’ Photon Emitter!
Comparing G1’s to Masterpiece’s.

To become the emitter, one just inserts into the other.
IMG_4426IMG_4427 - Copy
Again, G1’s to masterpiece’s Emitter.

As I stated earlier, it can be tricky to get him hold the guns, especially the emitter, as it is so long.  It can be done without aides, but will fall out at the drop of a hat.
With Original Rodimus.  Man G1 Rodimus was a crap toy!  Autobots were lucky they didn’t lose under Rodimus.

Of course, he doesn’t always need his gun…
Balance on this guy is pretty good!

Vehicle Mode(s).

Hot Rod to start.
very sleek and smooth.  Looks just like animation model.  I like the way the back slopes down.
Cool lights and the flames and engine details are nice.  the engine is actually spring mounted, as it needs to sink a little bit in for robot mode, but you can make it ‘rumble’ in vehicle mode as if the engine is revving Open-mouthed smile
With G1 Hot Rod.

A Gun can be mounted in the engine.

Powered by the Matrix?
Underside looks pretty neat.  The shin guards cover most of the kibble and that is why you need to be careful with them.  The head is very low to the ground.  be careful if you feel like rolling him.

The cockpit opens up like in the movie too, and there are some nice chair details!
The chairs can be seen through the window!

Mine had a blemish on the screen, I thought they would just use blue plastic, but it could it actually be clear with a blue tint?!?!??

Rodimus Prime’s Vehicle mode.

Interestingly enough, despite the fact that Hot Rod looks like he should just reverse in to the trailer, like a crazy crab looking for a new home, he doesn’t.  Some messing about with the roof is in order and Hot Rod ends up looking somewhat like this.
So he drives straight on in and the hood and cab of Rodimus Prime’s vehicle is actually hidden underneath the trailer!
However, this does mean that the cab window keeps flopping open.  Try and avoid rolling the trailer when empty.

So you could make a pseudo Rodimus in vehicle mode with the hood like so.

Proper vehicle mode now.  Space Camper Van Moooooode!

I like the tyres, they have nice prints and are rubber too!

When Putting Hot Rod into the trailer, be very careful of the spoiler, I have managed to scratch both the trailer and the spoiler as the fit is soooo tight.  Luckily it’s nothing huge, but it is a little annoying they didn’t allow for more space.
At least the damage to the spoiler isn’t that bad and the trailer scratch isn’t noticeable unless you are really looking.

Speaking of damage, the chrome on the trailer’s exhaust was a little scuffed, from the box.

And now for the funky part! The trailer changes into a “Defence Bay”!  Oh yeah!
A quick press on the black button on the top of the trailer and it pops open! Handy and easier then the prying I have to do to get my G1 one open!

Big missile launcher hidden in there! Unlike the G1 version, the reflector shields that have to come off the neck of the gun can stay!  Lift the gun up!
There are even handles for Rodimus to hold onto!  I like the way the Alpha/Beta guns can plug into the missile launcher.

Compared with G1.

Now when you chuck Rodimus on the trailer it looks cool!

And with Rodimus’ cool articulation, you can make him pose on his base! WOoot!

So to pretty much finish this off, Rodimus is a nice, if finicky figure.  It looks really nice in all modes, but is let down by his hands,  fragile pieces of the shin guards and the tight fit of the paint application.  One final niggle is the clearance from the ground when in vehicle mode is too small.  Really even combined as one large niggle, they aren’t much to loose sleep about and don’t kill the fun of the toy too much.

Careful transformation is required but patience is rewarding with one of the best in the Masterpiece line.  I put him behind Convoy and Grimlock, and I hold them both in the highest regard. So go get him!

Forgot to take the box shots, mainly coz the box is so big!


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