Sunday 27 February 2011

New Goodies. NOICE!

Managed to pick up some Reveal the Shield Transformers over the past couple o days.
Jazz and Tracks.

Wreck-Gar and his pin-wheel,  er battle axe. 

Wreck-Gar has recruited Chopster as one of his Junkion warriors!

Also managed to pick up Perceptor, no pics here, but he is nice and has chromey bits!

Hasbro has been busting out some good characters as of late.  Wreck-Gar is very cool. Facial hair and all!


  1. I saw Jazz and Tracks at Walgreens of all places, which I never go there really... but no main stores have them. Just goes to show I guess. I really should have picked them up, because TRU, Walmart and Kmart are still selling toys from two years ago! wtf!?

  2. It's been starnge over here as well. Many people feared we missed this wave, which also had Fallback and Mindset in them as well, as I believe we are getting later waves already.

    But toys from 2 years ago? Man that sucks...


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