Saturday 19 February 2011

Tokyo Toy Fair 2009 Pictures.

Yeh yeh yeh, I know, Who cares about the Toyfair now? It was two years ago!  Well, since I have been wanting to add some travel shenanigans to this blog, I have bee digging out some of my older photos (since I haven’t actually gone anywhere for a while) and post them up.

Aaah!  Good times, Good times!

See also my Life size gundam shots, as it was just down the road

The Toy Fare was held at the aptly named Tokyo Big Site.  It was convenient, as next door, at Odaiba was a 1:1 scale replica Gundam.  Most impressive he was too.  Nevertheless, this is about the Toy  Fare pictures though.

Outside the Tokyo Big Site, One of those convention areas that look nice, but seem a tad tricky to find the entrance…

The first sight you are confronted with are some toys that have won prizes.  I was most surprised to see the Disney Label Mickey up there.  Odd as well, as at the time he had been sold out of most places for a couple of months at least.  Oh and you weren’t supposed to photograph this bit either I found out when looking at the photo…

Upon entry to the booth, you are able to see this clever screen of some character, even though the screen was fairly static, the animated figure looked like it was moving out of the bounds of the screen almost.  I think she is from Precure(?).  All she does is welcome you to the fair.

Real Big An Pan Man face made from an pan (red bean paste in a sweet bread).  I love anpan!
Hot Toys stand.  They had some very nice figures of the Joker (naturally).  I was interested in this as the Wolverine movie hadn’t come out yet but had been out for a while here.  Love that they had birds handing out fliers as wellOpen-mouthed smile

LEGOOOOO! We all love it!
Star Wars was popular at the time!

Although it Looks like Lego, it isn’t!!  NO! It’s DIABLOCK!  A little more classy than Lego? They employ scientists…

The ‘ai’ Samurai helmet is made to look like the Samurai Naoe Kanestugu’s armour.  Every year, NHK TV make a samurai special and look at the history of certain samurai and their areas. It’s good for that area’s tourism and usually fairly entertaining.  Versions of this armour was all over the place.  I even have an SD Gundam wit it, one day I will put it together..

The Bandi Booth, probably the largest one there.  Wow.  There was a queue to get in, apparently 40 min long?  Didn’t take that long though, maybe 5 minutes.  They were giving out goodie bags too, but I think I was too old…  Dammit! I came from the other side of the world!!!  Doesn’t that count for anything?!???
Video of the noise and line, please excuse the Wonkiness, I had only juts started using the video feature and forgot that tilting the camera for tall shots doesn’t work as well as a photo.
Line to the Bandai Booth!

I aughed when I first saw this, its says 'Decade' but my mind said 'Dickhead'!  I would buy that!
I IMG_1099IMG_1100IMG_1102IMG_1103IMG_1104IMG_1105

An Interloper!

Now for the reason I went, well part of the reason.  Takara Tomy!  Sadly only Revenge of the Fallen pictures.
The Moss Burger and Mr Donuts sets made me laugh, and cry a little.  Training kids when they’re young hey?

Typical packaging, shoving a scout sized toy into a leader sized box…I don't know smile


There were quite a few other random sellers and stuff around the place.  It was fun to look around. Wish I had taken more happy snaps now.  Wish I had a massive Monopoly game (and a place to play it).


  1. Question comes to mind. why was Wheelie so frickin' huge. deluxe is not a very good size so a salvage scrap drone. they should have just made him a legends class and maybe packaged him with a special edition of bumblebee. sorry random thought created in my brain because of that city battle scene picture

  2. That deluxe sized wheelie is certainly an abomnination. Later they released a better made (IMO) and more appropriately sized Legends class Wheelie which was a lot more fun to play with.


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