Monday 24 February 2020

N.Y Toyfair 2020 Fallout

HOT DAMN! the toyfair on this weekend has me excited.  Mainly about the information on the rest of the Earthrise line.  I will admit that the first bunch of releases for Earthrise, just being Optimus, Wheeljack and other guys we’ve seen a billion times before didn’t really get me all that excited, the information from Ty Fair has got me all a flutter!

If you want to have a gander at the show and pictures that I couldn’t be bothered listing, check out this very informative post listing them all which has links to follow to the various galleries.

Most of this is mainly related to Transformers.  I did some see some sweet looking marvel legends based on the Age of Apocalypse comic (which is the series that got me INTO comics), but the only one I REALLY want would be Apocalypse himself.  I already have Weapon X and Sabretooth (although Wildchylde would make a nice combo) and Sunfire.   Maybe if they did Gambit.. Maybe.
It was also surprising to see some Ghostbuster figures, which is cool.  Meaning Mattel doesn’t have the rights to them anymore, but just as I said in my review of Venkman they are just a “guy in a puffy bland suit”.

But on to the Transformers!  Lo and behold there are some headmasters supplied.  Sigh. And Yay.

Scorponok was shown which to be honest was no surprise.  Back before Trypticon was made, Hasbro had a vote set up for which character they would do: Trypticon, Omega Supreme and Scorponok.  Trypticon won the vote, but let’s be honest here, there was no way that any of those bots weren’t going to get made after the success of Metroplex and Fortress Maximus right?  But still it is great to see him and he looks based on Omega, but very sexy nonetheless.  I like it as he has been upgraded to a double Headmaster, meaning now the min-master combines with a deluxe-ish sized robot to make the titan’s head.  A good thing since his face was too small.


There was also a Snapdragon shown as well (as one would expect after Apeface showing up).   Renders look nice, I hope they avoid the craptacular white plastic they used for Apeface.  He comes with Spasma too and essentially looks like it copies heavily from the G1 toy.  But I don’t care. Snapdragon is one of my favourite G1 toys, so bring it on!


Hrm, if I continue on with this, this post is going to go on for a long long time.

Other toys of interest were Runamuck,with no Runabout yet, although he was promised and better be more than just a recolour, as they are different models of car,as well as having different heads.  I really love the Battlechargers.

Arcee which looks like a little Masterpiece version with a removable back pack.  I could see myself with this, I don’t know yet, I’d like to see some more pics on this one. BUT, with the showing of Masterpiece Arcee a week or so ago, this Earthrise Arcee, a Cyberverse Arcee AND the recent Legends Arcee, we’ve had 0 Arcee toys for the last 30 years to 4 in about 4 years…. Is she going to be the new Bumblebee?

Chromia, Sideswipe, Hound, Mirage, Megatron, Hotlink(recoloured Tetrajet) and Scrapface (a recolour of refractor) are being done for the Netfix TV show.  They have more dirt on them than they had before. Not interested.

Interesting in that the original Transformers Movie is getting lots of love.  We’re getting a Voyager Quintesson (woot!) and an Allicon (Alicon, I think it should have two Ls, but meh).  Both of whom look very nice.  The Allicon looks like it has a stupidly simple Transformation to it.  The Quintesson comes with a chair, and opens up to make a little gaol.  It looks very promising.  Also, why do Quintessons need a chair?  They float and don’t have any bottoms to sit on….

Sky Lynx was show and he is commander( same size as siege Jetfire meaning in Japan he will be about $200) and he looks great. Bird mode, Lynx mode, Bird/Lynx mode, Shuttle mode, base mode,  along with official NASA markings.  Me likey a lot!


Doubledealer a childhood favourite of mine was also shown and he is looking fat!  I like it.  He still has vulture mode, robot mode and vehicle mode as well as a missile launcher setup for his vehicle.  The things that irritates me about DD is that his Powermaster pals Knok and Scar have become cassette guys like Laserbeak and Rumble AND are Hasbro Pulse (online shop) exclusives…..


Doubledealer’s engines Knock and Scar (on the right Top and Bottom.  Damn these shops specials….


So even though I (once again )felt a bit Transformered out, I see myself gettin sucked back in again.

Definite gets for me would be:

  • Scorponok as the city formers have generally been really ace (aside form Max, he was lazy)-  By default Fasttrack his weaponsiser helper guy
  • Snapdragon, Apeface needs his buddy, Headmaster and fave toy.
  • Sky Lynx, as he looks spectacular!
  • Doubledealer, coz Childhood figure and cool concept.
  • Runamuck, Quinetesson and Allicon, because I like Battlechargers and it’d be cool to get some more space bad guys.  Although I very ok with biding my time for these guys.

Things I am a bit bummed about is still there are many characters that are being rehashed.  The line still is a mix of space and terran vehicles.  Siege was supposed to be Cybertronian modes, but they didn’t really look all that much.  Earthrise is a HUGE mix of space and Earth modes.  It’s lacking a  common theme, aside from the theme of “Hitting that G1 Roster.”  Another annoying thing is they are pushing base linkage with paths and stuff, BUT the connector joints aren’t compatible with all the other ones from Legends/Titans Returns line, which really was not all that long ago.  personally I think this is a HUGE oversight.  I’d live to join Overlord and Scorponok and Trypticon to make a massive sprawling death trap for Autobots with safe walkway/travel-ways for Decepticons.

Also oddly enough a lot of the things shown had release dates of October/September this year.  I am curious to see what they have for after this as well.

So what are your thoughts on the Toyfair?  Di you like what you saw? I still have to check out some other lines I think as I'd really like to know if there are developments on Ninja Turtles and He-man for example.

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