Wednesday 6 January 2016

Top 5 Toys of 2015

Well, what an interesting year for toys last year was.  The change of the new year got me thinking about this, and I’ve never really taken an account of what toys I have bought in any given year.  2015 was a lower count year and making up a quick list has inspired me to catalogue my stuff a bit better as well as make this post. 

To make things consistent, I aim to keep this list to toys that were released in 2015, as opposed to toys acquired in 2015, although this year there is barely any difference, and then I can make a best of or some such lazy recycling post.

While I am at it, here is what I think is an accurate list of what I picked up in 2015.

LG Slipstream Doraemon Cafe set thing
LG Brainstorm MP G2 Bumblebee
LG Ultra Magnus MP Exhaust
LG Chromia MP Star Saber
LG Windblade TAV Adams (Cosmos)
LG Gel Shark TAV Swoop
LG BlackWidow TAV Lockdown
LG Rattrap TAV Powerglide
LG Arcee TAV Bombshell
CW Off Road Figuarts Luigi
CW Alpha Bravo Figuarts Michael Jackson
QT WheelJack Figuarts Zero type 2
QT G1 Convoy Figma
Marvel Death’s Head Figma EV Mirai Biker Miku
Figma 2.0 Snow Miku Figma Satsuki Kirin

First off, I’ll chuck in some honourable mentions.  Figma Miku 2.0, she’s been sitting on my desk for ages, coz she’s fun to play with and RTS Windcharger, still good fun after all these years.

So, here we go.

Number 5


This guy makes it because his base mould is a really well designed Masterpiece toy (Wheeljack).  He is enhanced by the Diaclone throwback, which led to controversy in his colouring, and a rather well done bio only enhancing the joke nature of the character even more (I mean seriously, a SalaryMan Transformer??).  For your consideration, the translated bio is provided below.

Lancia Stratos Turbo
The Lancia Stratos Turbo was the car used for camouflage when Exhaust infiltrated the Earth in order to seize the Immobilizer. It was the car developed by the Lancia Company to triumph in the world championship rally and has bright red and white colouring with the number 598 emblazoned on the side. Even after his duties were done Exhaust liked the car and even off- planet he uses this vehicle mode. His fastest speed in vehicle mode is 250km/h, by no means the fastest among vehicle type Transformers, but with his quick high-speed acceleration and superior steering, he has no trouble shaking off enemies in a chase.
Exhaust worked with Marlboor Dynamic, and as their test subject for additional functions he has now mastered various abilities. One of these is the ability to “Quontize”, where he can expand in a particle form and change into a living thick smoke. In this particle form, Exhaust can move at speeds that would be unimaginable in his vehicle mode, and can inflict serious damage by penetrating fine machinery.
Another is the “Power Siphon” ability, where he can leach energy from all living bodies. His power absorption power, not only absorbs the targets physical power through his palms, but also drastically lowers their emotional strength. As the first test of these abilities he seized Cybertron’s new recruit’s Immobilizer.
Even in conventional battles, Exhaust, who strikes unexpectedly, plants fear into those he faces. However his Quontize ability consumes an extremely large amount of energy, and prolonged use has the danger of exceeding Exhaust’s energy absorption abilities and drying him up. Because of this constant power danger, just like a vampire he keeps searching for energy to absorb. His character name “Exhaust” is fitting for him, since he can become living gas.

Role: Industry spy
Favorite motto: “You can’t catch smoke”
Exhaust is a part of Destron’s army, but his role is  unique. As an industry spy he infiltrates private enterprises. Officially, he is engaged with the daily work of regular companies but behind the scenes he gets his hands on high-tech and financial information and high quality botanicals in secret. He infiltrated Marlboor Dynamic, the mysterious huge interplanetary enterprise employing a great variety of aliens.
With his post in the public relations department as a foothold, he engaged in espionage, taking on various businesses. Marlboor co-opted various civilizations’ technology, aiming to improve the application of the company’s skills. Wanting the Transformers techniques, Exhaust joined as a test subject, with the condition of allowing his activities outside of the company. He gained various abilities from Marlboor’s experiments but hiding his rank and posing as a long-term salary man ate at him. To ease the stress he got his hands on the space cigarettes “Cy-garettes” and the amount he consumed increased daily. It was not long before the doctor at his yearly checkup warned him this habit was having a negative effect on his body.
In order to hide his role, Exhaust acted like he had a nondescript, flexible personality, melting into his surroundings. However, in reality he is a perfectionist, elitist that doesn’t forgive trivial mistakes or giving up, and who delights in the mistakes of his rivals in the company. Under the command of his Destron higher-up Soundwave, he is still commuting to and from the company.

Greatly done bio, very clever and tongue in cheek.  I really hope to see Exhaust adopted into more fiction, much like Lugnuts, Drift and Lockdown have been.


Racing Miku 2014 EV Mirai Version

I really like this version of Miku.  The design is cool, the racing bike style to her is very cool and I get an awesome Mad Max vibe from her.  I am on the lookout for some nice weapons to arm her up with.  She’s great fun, and doing this post made me realise I have enough pictures for a review.

Numero 3


Masterpiece Star Saber

I’m going to have to cheat for the pictures, it turns out that all I have is a couple of Instagram pics.  Star Saber is on the list because its a great fun toy.  I’ve seen people” blah blah not masterpiece quality, not a good update of the original,”  but I think that the robot is an awesome figure.  The size is just great, articulation is nice, he looks super heroic, all the robots are fun (even Brain) and while the combined vehicle mode is kind of crap, the little jet mode is very cool and fun.  Sure the colours are a bit plain, but he seems to take a few more cues from the anime than before.  Plus I guess this would be the first Masterpiece based on a not-earth based alt mode.

Moremagnus (9)Moremagnus (2)

Legends Ultra Magnus

As soon as I saw this guy announced, I dropped my plans for an Masterpiece Magnus.  There was no need, this guy is sexier, tougher looking and cheaper!!  His colours are also nicer than the Hasbro version, so there we go.  Most of my thoughts for this guy are in the blog post. Read it!  You must.

‘Coz I’m telling you to.



Figuarts (D-arts ?)  Zero Type 2

This guy was bought because I saw the last two on the shelf and I’ve wanted one for a long time.  Luckily for me Bandai reissued the guy.  I took him home and eventually got around to opening the box and had a bit of a play with him.

He’s been out ever since.  I suspect he’s my most played with toy this year.  The sculpt is great, the articulation fantastic.  The way it all gels together to cover the joints is nice and he’s pretty damn poseable, even with that big chunk of hair on the back.  My only complaint would be his hands seems to pop off at the slightest provocation.  Buuut that doesn’t bother me, I’ve just had so much fun with this toy since I got him as you can see by my instagram pics.  His faces just add to his fun factor even more.

There ya have it, my top five of 2015.  A mixed bag of figures, but for me, the main thing about a toy is how fun it is, so that is always what I find important, which gave me the most fun.

Finally, some toys I’m looking forward to in 2016/the future in no order.

  • Nendoroid Kirby, because he comes with all that stuff, and has magnetic arms!! 
  • Figuarts Freddie Mercury.  Dunno why, I just really want one.  
  • Titan Wars Transformers.  The look of some of the figures are cool. Powermaster Prime, Fort Max, Blaster and more Headmasters is always a good thing.  Hopefully CW Sky Lynx will be in that too, so I don’t have to buy a crappy combiner team just for Lynxy boy.

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