Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Racing Miku EV Mirai Ver 2014 Figma

You may have noticed that I like Hatsune Miku.  I don’t know why. Maybe the Ulala Space Channel 5 feel I get from her or what.  Ever since they have been using her for the Goodsmile Racing capaigns, I’ve grown quite fond of her various “Racing” incarnations.  Here’s one that I was a bit taken by surprise by, not only as it kind of snuck up on me, but also as it’s rather cool as well as being quite different for Hatsune Miku.

Preamble is finished, let’s have a look at 2014 EV Mirai version of Hatsune Miku.

Ever since the #200 figma they’ve been using the boxes without artistic work and just going with pictures of the toy.  Being #250, this one is the same.

Racing Miku (1)Racing Miku (4)Racing Miku (2)Racing Miku (3)

I must admit though, the pictures for this one are really good.  I think for the 2013 version, there was a bike released.  This one has a 2014 bike, but the figma bikes and whatnot aren’t cheap, so naturally, I stuck to the last one.  Winky Wink.  I must say the box is exceprionally pink..

Let’s break her out of the box shall we?

Racing Miku (58)Racing Miku (55)Racing Miku (56)Racing Miku (57)

Must admit, that I REALLY like the design of this Miku.  as soon as I got her out of the box I got a cool Mad Max /  apocalyptic warrior kind of vibe from her.  I think it maainly comes from the belt and the thigh guard.  It totally looks like it would be able to be changed for a pistol holster!.

The jacket and the belt thing are both made of soft plastic.  The Jacket has some rather nice printed details on it and is nice flexible plastic.  As you can imagine from the costume style, the articualtion of the figure is pretty nice.  The only restriction I found was on the left leg with that thigh piece  which makes the left hip a bit stiff and restricted.

Racing Miku (47)Racing Miku (44)Racing Miku (45)

She also comes with two faces, the smiling one and a surprised one.  There is another floating around for those who bought straight from the GSC online shop.  But I didn’t.  I do like that gloves even have the GSR logo on the back.

Racing Miku (50)Racing Miku (48)Racing Miku (49)

The legs and boots are pretty cool with nice details on them too.
Racing Miku (54)Racing Miku (42)Racing Miku (43)Racing Miku (39)

Some nice boots for arse kicking!

She comes with the usual hands accessories and stuff, as well as a helmet head and a shift body, with a nice arse mould so that she retains her curves and can be placed on her bike!  It can also be used for other poses as well!

Racing Miku (36)Racing Miku (35)

Her helmet is also pretty cool with a loto of detail on it, although it does look a bit big considering the lack of bulk in the rest of her riding gear.

Racing Miku (34)Racing Miku (32)

She also has nice pants.  And butt.

Racing Miku (15)Racing Miku (41)

Now, if you pop off her waist and take her legs off at the knees you can use the shift body.

Racing Miku (16)Racing Miku (18)Racing Miku (19)

At first I was rather surprised at how stable the shift legs and waist is.  Designed for the bike, but useful for so much more…!

Like playing Streetfighter
Racing Miku (22)Racing Miku (20)Racing Miku (24)

Riding her bike.
Racing Miku (25)Racing Miku (26)
Racing Miku (27)Racing Miku (28)

Killing a crap load of mousers.
Racing Miku (11)Racing Miku (10)

Oh and the hands are also pretty good for holding WEAPONS.  Which works well for my Post-Apocalyptic Warrior Miku.  I just needs me some GUNZNAZZZZASSSSS.  (Guns)

I ended up having a lot of fun with EV Mirai Miku.  She is just so cool!

Racing Miku (5)Racing Miku (8)
Racing Miku (34)Racing Miku (33)

Soooo Much fun!
Racing Miku (29)

She also has a hand for holding her helmet.  It’s not as handy as the one for last years’ helmet holding.  It takes a bit of balance and careful placement to get it resting on her hip.  Little bit of a pain, it can be done.  But not by me.

Racing Miku (2)Racing Miku (36)

Sorry ‘bout that.

Even though I rather like this Miku, she is rather small.  I’m not too sure if it’s just the Racing Mikus, as last year’s one was a bit small (and I haven’t really been buying other figmas lately), but this Miku is quite a bit shorter than the figma 2.0 body version of Miku.

Racing Miku (62)Racing Miku (63)
Quite a bit smaller… Oh my.

But it actually looks like she’s about the same height as the other R Mikus.
Racing Miku (60)

I found this figma to be very worthwhile and quite a lot of fun, even without the motorcycle.  I only really find it a bite wierd how many bloody Mikus I have now…..

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