Sunday, 29 March 2020

Legends Manga #28, Rewind and Nightbeat English Translation


It's been an interesting little weekend.  While the world tries to hide away from the uncertainty of COVID-19, I try and ignore the consistent news and debate from my friends about the pros and cons of wearing masks, I sit in my study room with the window wide open, a cup of tea on the table, and a scarf around my neck and  because it is Spring with cherry blossom trees are blooming, yet I am watching it snow from my window, while listening the yells and screams of joy from the neighbours' kids playing in it.  Luckily they aren't being as irritating as usual. geddoffmahlawn.

I am in an area that doesn't usually get snow and we've had more snow during spring than we had during winter...  Truly the world has gone mad.

But just as we get all  sad about being stuck indoors, or sad about running out of things to do, I can proudly provide you with some toilet reading.  Alas over the internet, I cannot provide actual toilet paper.  A resource more vital than water itself it would seem from the past few weeks evidence.

Read on for more!

Practice version with arrows
Nice no-arrow version.  I need to think of a catchier name for that…

Original Japanese:

Some notes:

  • The Masterforce rings in the second panel that Rhinox is talking about are translated as "Man-made, mass production model" Masterbraces.  That can be summed up in 5 little Kanji.  They are referred to at least twice in the comic as such and being pushed for space in some of the bubbles, I shortened it to the more fitting, and catchier Mass-Masters.  Not to be confused with my soon to be released dietary program, Weight-masters.
  • The reason Rewind stops the Massmasters is because he is being chocked by Galvatron.  It would seem that Rewind is being a bit of a nasty guy.  Perhaps not inherently bad, but his procedure for getting what he wants is a tad dubious.
  • As I've read so far, where the Massmaster blue prints  originate from, is unknown.
  • All the Massmasters look like Nightbeat, except fro Rattrap/Rattle, whose rat tail can be seen hanging out the back.
  • Tigertron wants to get himself a femme-bot.  At the time of release, there were no femme-bot headmasters (I ain't touching that one!) around.
  • One area that is unclear is the special children comment.  Things seem to be working well for Rewind, the reason the information transfer is stopped is because he commands them to, unless he expects a true Headmaster Jr, to be able to override the mind control on the Galvatron transtector.
  • I stayed with Destron in this comic because the Nightbeat hasn't been a character in Japanese lore before.  The Nightbeat toy (US) was a recolour of he Headmaster JR Minerva. Spoiler Information follows: The Nightbeat in this story is eventually revealed to be  an out of universe Minerva and not a nice one, so, perhaps Shattered Glass Minerva?


  1. Hey I don't know how often people leave comments on your translations but thanks for all your hard work! Because of these Legends translations i've come to like a lot of characters I didn't care about before!

    1. Thanks! :) I know its certainly made me buy more toys than I initially planned!


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