Wednesday 1 January 2020

2019 End of Wrapping

So once again, here we are at the end of the year, and a particularly slow posting amount from me this year.  Although looking back at the posts, one more than last year Hrm…  Most of this years’ were translations though. Inneresting, for me anyway.

For reference:

Anyway, let’s have a look at the toys I got during 2019:

Grotusque & Repugnus (Legends)Punch/Counterpunch (POTP)
Big Powered (Legends)Cog (Siege)
Blowpipe x2 (Siege)Roadhandler & Swindler (Siege)
Aimless (Siege)Ironhide (Siege)
Convoy (Mcr Densetsu)Skytread/ Flywheels (Siege)
BW MegatronSixgun (Siege)
Brunt (Siege)Spy Team (Laserbeak/Ravage) (Siege)
Optimus Prime (BB movie)Impactor (Siege)
Gambit (amazing Yamaguchi)Vehicle Voltron (Choogokin)

A grand total of 18 toys, however, one of them was a doozy.

So as usual, my thoughts.

The Crap
Amazing Yamaguchi Gambit:
  Jeebus what a POS.  It looks awesome and can do awesome poses.  I love Marvel Vs Capcom and the hyper pose nature of Amazing Yamaguchi seems perfect for that, but its tendency to drop apart, his face won’t stay on, the hands don’t hold the staff securely, his frikkiing tiny god-damn eyeball pops out all the time, and its fricking tiny.  On top of the the usual wobbly shenanigans that comes with revoltechs makes me kind of nit like this toy.  But it does look cool once posed.

Siege Mircomasters:
Argh.  How is it that the toys from 1989 are better than these ones?  I bought Swindler and Roadhandler just to see how they feel.  And the answer is crap and cheap..  With only one more point of articulation than their G1 predecessors, no bases to be seen, cheap plastic and the inability to stick together when in vehicle mode makes me thoroughly dislike these guys.  (Oh, their price is a total rip off as well)  The Spy Team (Laserbeak and Ravage) are better I think, but their price is even worse for what you get.

Even in that picture, damn Gambit’s face fell off.  Arsehole.

The Not So Crap

Siege Battlemasters:
Targetmaster partners that come with cool effect bits.  I like these guys mainly for the effect pieces over anything else.  It sucks that they are mostly recolours of each other making them all look very similar, but Targetmasters are always good in my books.  They do need more paint as they look like chewing gum.

The Nice

Grotusque, Repugnus and Big Powered from the Legends line managed to provide me with lots of joy.  Nice fun robots.

Siege Deluxes:
So far I’ve liked all my Siege deluxes.  Impactor is lots of fun, Ironhide too.  Shame about their shit splatter paint…..

POTP Dribbles in:
Punch\Counterpunch is a fun dude that doesn’t really fit anywhere.  But he is a good little toy with a really nice vehicle mode and two robot modes.  I like.

The Delightful
Siege Deluxes (Combat guys):
Or whatever they are called.  Cog and Brunt have been a refreshing take and work well with the Siege toys in general.  It’s a shame they can’t work a bit smoother with their base big brothers, but they have introduced an interesting and adaptable play style.  I hope to see more (Yay Ironworks!!) toys and less shit splatter.

Fixed foot Robocop:
Mafex get my Robocop foot fixed in a jiffy and I like him!  I like him a lot.
Flywheels.  I like him too a bit more than usual deluxe for some reason.

The Surprising
Mircon Densetsu Super-con Convoy (I.E bendy Prime):
He was discovered for cheap on my travels and he’s still a fun toy.  Patiently awaiting news of the Takaratomy Selects Sexy Armada Convoy TT.  Where is some news?!?!?!?!

Optimus Prime (from the Bumblebee movie):
It took me a while to  get around to seeing the movie, and I did like the cybertronian designs.  But for whatever reason I could not make myself bite the bullet on that movie Prime.  After some convincing from a friend, I eventually did and I glad I did.  Clever transformation, nice vehicle and robot mode and a not-too-live-live-action-movie aesthetic makes him a nice “Every-series Prime.”

Sixgun from Siege:
Hoopy doop did this one surprise me.  Such fantastic articulation. Good colour coordination. A not total balls vehicle mode. A great variety of weapon options and a sleek looking robot as well.  I’m glad I got Cog before Sixgun, because otherwise I would’ve been disappointed with everything after him. Sixgun? No no no, Sexgun!

The Hell Sexy  Might be getting to the top toys here….

IMG_4982_thumbMasterpiece Beast Wars Megatron:
Holy crap what a great toy.  Similar transformation to the original, but goddam does it look like the CG model.  Amazing.The wobbly eyes (that stay in his head), the paint, the sculpting.  Glorious abso-lute-ly bloody glorious. As one would expect for the crazy arse price.  But he is a big boy.  Only real bummer to him, no sexy David Kaye in the billion speech samples he has.  That makes me cry.  Such a sexy voiced Megatron.

Sould of Chogokin Dairager IV (a.k.a Vehicle Voltron)
Is it fair, since I have the two most expensive toys at the top of the list? Megatron was a cool 250ish, Vehicle Voltron was …  More.

But OH GOD HE WAS WORTH IT.  The toy I’ve been waiting a bunch of decades for finally arrives and it’s wonderful.  Just the right amount of toy vs cartoon detail. Nice proportions, solidly designed to stick together and just all round 100% sex in toy form.  not adult toy form….  Its interesting to compare the Miracle works Voltron with this guy, the approach is different enough and makes you realise that shucking together 15 vehicles to make a nice big robot is a lot harder than it sounds.

Finally, it’s time for me to blab on about what I’m looking forward to next year.

I’m not too sure if this is next year or what, but being on the cooling down phase of current toy collecting, I am looking forward to getting my hands on the Scorponok that was teased a while ago.   Seeing Zarak having a nice mid headmaster body (like Fort max) and loving Headmasters as much as I do, I of course want that bad boy.  Naturally I have Apeface ordered, despite the bloody awful white plastic they used on him.  I am kind of hoping that Takara managed to pull some strings (that aren’t nylon ones) and fixed it up, because it does look sad.
With Apeface on the way, I’m assuming Snapdragon can’t be far behind… But they never came out with a Snapdragon in the Legends line….
Non Transformer wise… Hrm, tricky.  Mafex Wolverine is due out on the 31st December, meaning I won’t pick him up until January sometime.  He was originally due end of November, but was delayed, hopefully allowing them time to adjust those blue stripes into black ones…  Due to me being a fan of that era, I’ll also be looking out for Mafex Cyclops.  That Jim Lee pouch loving guy.  That is the design for MY Cylcops.  The only he is lacking is a puffy leather jacket.  But Mafex don’t list all the accessories on their website anyway, so you never know, I might get lucky!

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