Thursday 26 January 2012

Ooooh! The Vanilla Mars Bar.

After my previous experience with novelty Mars Bars (the dreaded caramel one that is), I was rightly apprehensive when I saw this little fellow in a stand at a supermarket.

Again, I like Mars Bars.
I like Vanilla.  So does this will this maths equation work out?

Mars Bar + Vanilla nougat = Yum?

First up, what exactly does a vanilla Mars Bar consist of?  Well, you have a small layer caramel, with a layer of vanilla nougat on top.  Both of these are covered in chocolate.  Much like a normal Mars bar, just a change in the properties of the nougat.


There we have it.  Personally I think it looks a lot nicer than the ‘Caramel Mars Bar.’  It certainly resembles a Mars Bar.

After a quick bite, it is actually alright.  Due to the sweetness of the caramel, the vanilla flavour is quite subtle and I could only properly confirm that it was vanilla flavoured after scraping some nougat off by itself.  Still it was quite nice.

The Mars Bar on the whole was nice.  The vanilla although subtle was noticeable and it was nice to have something different.  The end result being, this is a nice novelty, but is unlikely to make you want it to stay over the normal Mars Bar. 

It is a billion times nicer than the horrid Caramel Mars Bar.  If you have the choice between the three, either normal or vanilla should be in your mind, leave the other on the shelf.


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