Sunday 15 January 2012

20 Year Booze Houndin’

A while back the better half and I made a dash out into the outback for a little day away to the wonderful site of New Norcia. Being only 2 hour drive from Perth, we left early and made it there by about 10am.




Anyway, holiday pics will be coming soon, but i thought I would add some pictures of a little gem that I bought as a souvenir.  Some lovely 20 year old Muscat liqueur. Mmmmmmmmmm!  20 Years aged! Howdy doody.




Nice simple bottle.  New Norcia’s claim to fame is that it is the last running monastic town in Australia.  Naturally, anyone who has played the Ultima games will know that monasteries are great places for wine and mead.




Pluck the cork and have a whiff.  Mmmmm, 20 years! Nom nom nom!




Look at that! Absolutely delightful colour, nice sweet smell and it tastes fantastic!

Beautiful soft sweetness without being sickly so. Oh ho ho ho! So delightful!  Shame it’s so hot here at the moment.  That will not stop me having more though! Mwa ha ha ha!

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